What is LiveUP ?

This is the first post for the Christ Community Church men’s group’s “Live UP” challenge.  The genesis for this “Live UP” theme (or battle cry) came after a series of events in our Church.  We are teaching “The Quest for Authentic Manhood” this fall.  We had a great men’s retreat a few weeks ago and we saw some powerful things happen in our small groups – men in bondage and warfare, coming clean and doing business with God.  We are spending time at Carver High feeding the football team each week and we see the impact we are having (and they are having on us).  Many of us have read John Eldredge and been to his retreats but also Erwin McManus and others – the call to men is for “MORE”…a deeper, fuller, richer walk with God.  Many of us have read David Platt’s book Radical and the call there is the same – there is more to this life than material possessions and comfort.  People all over this world and just down the street from us are desperately lost and in need of our Savior.  The call UP is to start living beyond “me” and “self” and live into the bigger picture.

The call just seems so clear.  We are called to help men “Live UP”… 

UP to a higher standard

UP to continually pursuing our wives and battling for them.

UP to standing firm in our faith and fighting to defend the culture from the onslaught.

UP to being men of integrity – integrity with our money, our time, our work, our kids, our wives and with our sexual purity.

UP in our desire to fight for those less fortunate.

UP for standing for what is right.

UP in a passionate pursuit of Jesus.

UP even in things like getting in physical shape, pursuing bold adventures and building a community of men vs. fighting this battle all alone.

All the pieces seem to come together.  Men need a battle cry.  We need a higher vision.  We need boldness.  Eldredge says, “Something immensely dangerous is unfolding all around us.”  It is attacking our wives and children and spreading hopelessness across our nation and the world.  We need a call to action.  Manhood is under attack and we need our men to wake UP and realize there is a better way and a much fuller life in Jesus.

And so…we’ll see where this goes.  We’ll use this blog to put up our posts, videos, information and ideas.  This “Live UP” call (movement?) is just in its infancy in us.  We desperately seek God in this – that it isn’t our agenda…we sense it is His stirring but we are so open to being wrong in our understanding.  We’ll take this wherever God wants it to go.

All aboard…


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