God moves in the life of a 6 year old….

Shared by Michael Wood

My son Charlie is 6 ½ and is all boy!  He is full of energy and is seldom still. Yet he is one of the most thoughtful, compassionate, caring, and loving boys I know.  He never fails to tell his mother and sisters that they look pretty.  I should take lessons from him!

On Monday he and his older sisters were having a rough day of homeschooling.  They had been in trouble a few times and their mother had sent them all to their rooms.  This was to separate them for a few minutes, and let them think about how they were acting.  Charlie did just that.  He sat in his room and realized he had been making some bad choices.  He decided he could not change on his own.  In his room, on his own, he prayed for Jesus to come into his heart and to help him make better choices!  Yes, my young son accepted Jesus this week!  WOW! 

He called his mom in to his room and told her what he had done.  I was home for lunch at this point and Sheri called me in and had him tell me.  My first reaction was joy and tears.  Then when I had time to think, I was completely taken aback by his ability to process this on his own.

Here is what I mean.  Men, my son of 6 realized something that many of us struggle with as adults.  He realized that he was powerless to change on his own.  He could not “try to do better” or “work harder to change” or “get a handle on his struggle”.  He realized the only one who could change him was Jesus!  Charlie prayed with a heart of pure surrender. 

I know I try to do many things in my own strength and fail.  How about you?  We all could learn something from Charlie.  We are powerless to change ourselves.  Jesus is the only way we can truly be changed.

Thank you Charlie for one of the greatest lessons I have ever been shown. 

Jesus, I am powerless to change, I am not strong enough to face the enemy alone, I need your strength to be able to…  LiveUP.


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