We had 25 guys last night at Man School starting up the 2nd half of the Quest for Authentic Manhood.

It’s great material and I’m excited about the 2nd half.  About 35-40 men attended last Wednesday morning.  So we’ve got about 60 men involved in this class.  That is exciting.

If you are not attending Man School, it is not too late.  Come this Wednesday morning at 6am or Sunday afternoon at 5pm.  We’d love to have you try it.

LiveUP Man Meeting – next Tuesday January 31 at 6pm.

Are you going to join us?  I realize for some of you this is the night of your Community Group.  We’ll rotate the nights we do these so next time it may be on a Monday night or a Wednesday night.  If this isn’t your Community Group night, please try to come.  We are going to…

1) feed you

2) go over the LiveUP vision and lay out what we think God is calling us to do

3) hear from Carver Football Coach Dell McGee share his heart about what our ministry to Carver has meant to him and the team and…

4) we may have a few give aways.

We’ll be done by 8pm.

So if you can come, please RSVP to the email you should have received today from Michael Wood.  Or….just email him at



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