A man wrapped up in himself….

Quick thought for today….

“The smallest package in the world is a man wrapped up in himself”.

You know guys like this.  It’s all about them.  And the more consumed they get with themselves, the smaller they become.

A man living large is a man living for others, not himself.  A man putting his wife’s needs and his kid’s needs way ahead of his own.  A man serving.  A man ministering.  A man giving.

God created Adam and breathed life into his nostrils and then set him to work with tasks, a garden to keep and cultivate, animals to name and subdue and dominion over creation.  Nowhere in here did God say to man, “OK, this is all going to be about you….”  No, the picture here is of man, serving.

So that’s the charge this morning.  A man fully alive.  An abundance of life that only a life in Jesus can bring.  THAT’s what we’re after with LiveUP.


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