What we heard at the LiveUP Kick Off meeting….

On Tuesday, January 31st, we had 80+ men gather at Christ Community Church to hear the vision of our Men’s Ministry.  They heard the call to “Live UP”… 

 UP to a higher standard

UP to continually pursuing our wives and battling for them.

UP to standing firm in our faith and fighting to defend the culture from the onslaught.

UP to being men of integrity – integrity with our money, our time, our work, our kids, our wives and with our sexual purity.

UP in our desire to fight for those less fortunate.

UP for standing for what is right.

UP in a passionate pursuit of Jesus.

UP even in things like getting in physical shape, pursuing bold adventures and building a community of men vs. fighting this battle all alone.


But, we also heard something else.  We heard some things we are not called to do…

We are not called to “FeelUP.”  This was not a Rah Rah meeting where we revved guys up and shot them out into the world with guns blazing. God is not looking for emotional response, but life change.  Men do not need another movement that flames out in the first few weeks.  We need soul shaking, heart stirring change that wells up from within.

We are not called to “ShowUP”.  God does not need men fill seats and sit there assuming others will do the job.  Being “involved” is great, but if it produces no fruit it is a waste. God calls all of us into some form of ministry.  Ask yourself, “where is mine?”

We are not called to “TalkUP”.  Everyone has heard the phrases “Talk is cheap” and “Put your money where your mouth is”.  We need to move past the talking and into taking action. 

We also heard these calls…

We are called to “StandUP.”  God has a plan and a purpose for each of us.  Ask God to show you and then become active wherever He leads you. “The fields are ripe but the laborers are few.”

We are called to “ManUP”.  Throw off passivity.   Make a commitment to change.  Start in your home.  Lead your family the way God intended.  Then, move out from there into the Church and then the community at large.

We are called to “LiveUP”.  The Bible says in Deuteronomy 6:5 “Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.”  If we set our minds and hearts to doing this, we will…


Submitted by Michael Wood


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