John Eldredge thoughts….

First some business — the Carver football banquet is on Saturday March 3rd at 5:30pm – that is less than 3 weeks away.  We need your help.  It simply won’t get done…it won’t happen…unless men step up.  Reject passivity here men and step up with “I’ll do that…”  You can help in any number of ways from an hour or two early in the day helping us set up, to standing over a grill cooking steak, to being a server or to just showing up at the end to help with the clean up.  It is a massive undertaking and we need you.  If you can help and haven’t already, please email Michael Wood at

Second thing – parking at the church is becoming a problem.  It’s a good problem to have!  We are pushing 1,000 folks per week at the two services up from about 800/week this time last year.  We need more parking.  Muscogee Glass across Milgen has opened their lot to us and it will hold 75+ cars.  We are going to add police service on Sundays to help with crossing Milgen and to help folks exit the lots.  But until then, we need you to “step UP” to this and volunteer to park over there.  Drop your kids and wife off at the door and then park over there and walk over to the church.  We all need the exercise.  Men, this is one of those things that just won’t happen unless someone says, “I’ll do it…”  We don’t want our visitors searching for parking.

John Eldredge (from his website) on A Fresh Start… He wrote this at the start of the year but it is timely any time (I paraphrase)…

  1. Sit and pray and listen for the Lord and ask Him, “What is the theme of the year for me Lord?”  Listen.  Contemplate.  Dig deep around it.  See if you can discern what the focus of this year should be for you with Him.
  2. Pray.  Eldredge suggests praying their “Daily Prayer” found on his website (look under “more” and then “prayers”).  This is a great prayer and I’ve used it.  Keith referenced it not too long ago in a sermon.  But whatever your prayers are, just be sure you are praying.  As John says, “Times are hard.  Quick little “Jesus be with me” prayers just aren’t going to cut it anymore.”
  3. Get yourself in some form of community.  Community Groups.  Lunch with 2-3 men you deeply trust and respect.  Man School.  (PS – Man School is great.  I am loving Men’s Fraternity Authentic Manhood.  Sunday’s at 5pm or Wednesdays at 6am).  Eldredge says, “Big church is great but that isn’t community.  You need people in your life.  Take the risk.  Invite other men into community with you and just see what happens.”
  4. Take the battle seriously.  Too many folks are trying to live as though there are only two big players in their life – them, and God.  And they’re silently mad at God that He isn’t coming through for them more often.  Friends, enough with the naiveté.  You live in a world at war.  Live like it.  Fight back.  Stop thinking things will get better with time.  This is Normandy.  Live like it!
  5. Take your healing seriously.   Yes, you can have a “New year, new you.”  You can.  If you will take your healing seriously.  I mean your inner healing, the restoration of your soul.  We’ve taken hits all year and our souls are in great need of wholeness and freedom and life.  It isn’t going to happen unless you pursue it.  Get some counseling.  Deal with the issues.  Go to your wounds and face them.  Get healing prayer from others over you.  With a whole heart, you are unstoppable.  With a wounded heart, you are limping along.  With a broken heart, you are vulnerable, very vulnerable.
  6. Fall in love with God again.  There’s a reason “love God with everything that is within you” is the first and greatest command.  Nothing in life works unless we practice this.  But when we do fall in love with God, love Him with everything we are, it is the greatest act of re-orientation we could ask for – the single greatest shift towards wholeness, happiness, life and clarity that any person could ever choose.  It is the main thing.

This is a good reminder and check list for us all.  There is so much for us to do – from the banquet to where we park to living in the corporate world to loving our wives and leading our children.  We have to saddle UP and live the abundant life Christ came to freely give us passionate in our pursuit of the Lord.




One thought on “John Eldredge thoughts….

  1. Hey we need to talk are problems out and really love each other. We are called to love our brothers , sisters and even our enemies. We need to do it and I am going to do it

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