Carver Banquet & Going deep

Wow.  We did it.  Another incredibly successful Carver football banquet and you guys did an amazing job.  We fed 325 people a great meal.  The service was incredible as was the food and the clean up crew had the building fully restored in about 45 minutes.  Simply amazing.

It was great to be with those kids, to hear Coach McGee talk to the team and their parents and to hear the message.  For me personally, it was great to see these young men I’ve gotten to know this year and to hug them, look them in eye and tell them how proud I was of them.  It is such a blessing to be a part of this ministry.  It truly is better to give than it is to receive.  God is so good.

We’ve got a ton of things happening.  Amazing things.  Great ideas are springing to life around the ministry and we have much to share with you and we’ll do that at our next Man Meeting…

Man Meeting – Monday night, March 19th 6pm at the Church. 

If you’d like to come, email Michael Wood at and let him know you are coming so we can plan for the dinner.

If you helped with the Carver ministry and this banquet, we’d really love for you to be there on the 19th.  If you couldn’t come to the banquet but wanted to be there or are just interested in what we are doing, we’d love to have you come and hear.  Any man at CCC (or friends) are welcome to join us.

We’ll also preview our men’s retreat coming in late April.  You can come to the LiveUP booth Sunday and get a card to reserve your slot for the retreat.  It’s going to be great.  Good food, great messages, fellowship, fishing, big roaring campfires at night and some time away to process what God is saying to you.

So the man meeting will be a great time of celebration and for you to hear first hand what God is doing.  We hope you will join us.

The retreat is a time to go deep with God.  Let me tell you what LiveUP isn’t.  It isn’t a “movement”.  Movements are exciting.  I’m drawn to them.  We hear some rallying cry and we jump in with both feet, get jacked up and that’s about it.  Movements can draw 50,000 men to a stadium.  1,000 men wide, one inch deep.  We’re not interested in that.  We’re interested in depth.  Real depth.  We want to plow the ground deep, dig up the problems and obstacles and roots and mulch in rich new soil…God’s word.

I’m not intersted in a rah-rah men’s movement.  I’m interested in deep community.  Deep fellowship.  We have these issues that nag at men – be it our marriage, our idolatry (porn), our shame, our wounds or just the busyness of the life that keeps me from getting real with God.  Let’s don’t stay there.  If your marriage is struggling, let’s go deep and fix it.  If you’re struggling with pornography, let’s don’t just stay there.  Let’s break it.  If there are wounds from your childhood, let’s go after them, deal with them and release them.  We want men fully alive as Christ came to set us free to be and we can’t get there in a rally.  We get there in a community of men who has each other’s backs and is united in calling each other UP to a higher standard and the full life.

We’ll talk more about this on Monday the 19th at at the retreat April 20-22.  Men, we love you and are blessed standing by your side.  To God be the glory.



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