Man School & The Men’s Retreat

Man School

As a reminder – there is NO man school tomorrow morning nor this Sunday afternoon. We are going to close out The Quest for Authentic Manhood on Sunday April 15th at 5pm at the Church — a final closing ceremony combining the Wednesday morning and Sunday afternoon groups.

If you have been coming to Man School – or if you came earlier in the year but didn’t finish up, we’d like you to attend this closing ceremony.

We are asking each man to complete our version of your “Manhood Plan” and bring a copy of yours to the closing ceremony. Here’s what we want you to do…

Grab a note pad or journal and respond to the following questions.  Take time to pray and ask God for understanding and wisdom before you start.  Be sure to answer each question completely.  Let the words flow.  Don’t try to do this as quick as you can.  Ponder it.  Chew on it.  Listen.  Open your heart.  Each question has two parts – respond to both parts separately.  Don’t skimp on this – respond with honesty and depth…

1) What is the one thing you most need to address from your past that still affects you today?  (father wound, mother wound, unforgiveness towards someone else, the all-alone wound, personal failures in your past or recently…)  What is your plan to address it and deal with it?

2) What is the one thing you have learned about authentic biblical manhood (rejecting passivity, accepting responsibility, leading courageously, expecting the greater reward) that you most need to apply to your life today and how will you apply it?

3) When you die, how do you want to be remembered by those who knew and loved you?  What goals do you need to set in order to make that a reality (be very specific) ?

Men’s Retreat

We are about 3-4 weeks from the men’s retreat and so far only 20 have signed up.  It is going to be a great retreat – we have a great program of topics that will speak to you as a man.  We’re going to have LiveUP t-shirts and LiveUP hats for each participant, some free book giveaways, good food, a nice setting, a big camp fire Friday and Saturday nights, a worship team and some fishing, frisbee golf, pick-up wiffle ball, ultimate frisbee, etc.

This is a great chance for you to unplug from the world and devote a weekend to your personal walk with the Lord.  I know, I know….we’re all busy and April 20-22 is smack in the middle of little league baseball.  I know your weekends are precious to you and “giving” one up is hard.  I know $150 is a lot of money but think of all the other things you’ve spent $150 on and consider the return on investment.  Where’s the $150 you spent on _________ compared to what God might do with you at this retreat?

We think this is going to be a great weekend and you will come away very glad you went.  It is close to town (about 20 minutes south of Columbus) so if you have to be at your son’s ballgame on Saturday, you can come to the retreat and run back to town for his game and then rejoin us afterwards.  Don’t let the “busyness” of life stop you from investing in this retreat.

You can sign up at the booth on Sunday.  It is $150 and that covers your room, food, giveaways and the teaching.  If you need help with the fee, let us know at the booth and we’ll get some help for you.

Please consider joining us.  We have plenty of room for you.

Now go….and LiveUP!


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