2 great real short prayers

First an apology for the “quiet period” from LiveUP over the past six weeks.  The Spring was rather full.  Between wrapping up Man School, Carver, FCA projects and then the Men’s retreat, exhaustion took its toll.  But I’m re-energizing and the gears are starting to turn again.  Many more posts will be coming your way.  I sincerely hope you find these posts helpful to you in your walk.  That’s all we’re trying to do here – give you tools and equipment to help you in your walk of growing stronger in the Lord.  Let His will be done.

The path principle – I have just read Andy Stanley’s book, “The Principle of the Path”.  It is an easy read and very good.  I have heard him give this sermon(s) in multiple venues and have used this at Carver and FCA.  It is a great, great work.  The simple bottom line (and there is a more to come on the Path) is this – “Direction, not intention, determines destination”. 

Where you point your feet, there will go your body.  A girl can say she wants to marry a Godly man but hanging out at frat parties isn’t likely to produce what it is she says she wants.  A man can say he wants to Godly marriage but flirting with the cute intern or surfing porn isn’t likely to lead him to a Godly marriage.  We can say we want to be debt free but our spending actions are determining that we are on a vastly different path.  Food for thought and as I said, more to come.

But here are the two short, quick prayers I recommend to you to memorize, pray daily and infuse into your life…

The first one is one Andy and his family have prayed for years – “Lord, help us to see trouble coming long before it gets here.  And give us the wisdom to know what to do and the courage to do it.”  This one is based on Proverbs 27:12 – “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

Think of how powerful this prayer could be in regard to your children (and their friends!), to your finances or to your marriage – “Lord show me the problem coming that I can’t yet see…”

The second prayer is even shorter – “Lord, please turn my eyes away from worthless things.”  This one is based on Psalm 119:37 – “Turn my eyes from looking at what is worthless; give me life in your ways.”

Think of how powerful that second prayer is in regard to pornography, that other woman who crosses your path, the temptation to buy ____ that you really don’t “have” to have, in watching that TV show that really is mindless and dark, etc.  In so many ways, simply saying, “Lord please turn my eyes away from worthless things” is oh so powerful.

Have a great week and go try to LiveUP!




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