Who is in the battle with you?


I cannot stress enough the importance of you having a “band of brothers” fighting alongside you in the battle that is life.


There can be no debate that we live in a fallen world.  No debate that we have an enemy that seeks to “steal, kill and destroy”.  If you are battling this life as a man standing alone, you are kidding yourself.  You’ve bought one of satan’s (grammar says to capitalize this name, but I refuse out of disgust for our enemy.  I refuse to give him this due) great lies – that you can do it alone.  There is no substitute for other Godly men knowing your story, knowing your mistakes, your pain, your failures and being there alongside you as you strive toward restoration.


So I sit back and ponder this simple question, “Who is out there fighting for me?”  Who do I know that has my back, sees me for what I am and will fight for me … no matter the cost?


It takes energy, time, patience, understanding and forgiveness to come alongside a fellow brother.  You’re going to hear some messy stuff.  You’re going to be frustrated as your brother cannot seem to break bondage that would seem easy for you to break.  It will pain you when he falls back.  You’ll want to kick him in the rear when he starts to feel sorry for himself and won’t engage.  Remember “Top Gun” when Maverick wouldn’t engage the enemy?  Remember the reaction of his wing men?  “Maverick….engage….MAVERICK!!”  


In other words… we need you.


You are needed in the battle.  So not only is the question, “Who is truly out there fighting for me?” — but — the other question is “Who am I fighting for?”


If you can’t answer these questions, then you may well be fighting this battle alone and alone is no place for a man to be.


The call is to LiveUP – to live to the fullest potential of your God-given life in service to our King.  We need each other desperately.  We cannot stress this enough.  More to come…so much more.


In this battle, shoulder-to-shoulder with you, sword in hand, bloodied, bruised, covered in sweat and tears…fighting…for you












4 thoughts on “Who is in the battle with you?

  1. Don’t just read this message, Hear this message, Understand this message. We are all in this war together. So we must fight together. We were made for community. As men lets come together and face this world head on. We have the best commander a army can have. One who knows all. The King of all Kings. Will you ride with Him??

  2. So I would love to take the time to share a story with you all. A few months ago I was asked by Michael Wood to help with serving and cooking for a Man meeting. I love to do things like this so I gladly showed up at some early hour and i saw a great .group of guys just like me. They wanted to serve the others and they were truely happy to do so together. At this meeting i met Billy Gross. He had recently returned from his sabaticle. I was freshly baptized and had a new and true heart for God. We sat that morning and he heard my story and he was developing his newcomers class, and invited me to participate. he guided me through that class and gave me information I just couldn”t get from reading alone. He explained salvation to me truely. It was at that point I relized what I had done. I was justified the minute I accepted I was powerless to fix myself. I accepted the Holy Spirit in me. I then found out about the hard part. I from that day started living in my life long journey of sanctification. It is ok because I also was enlightned to the glorification that our savior promises us. Making this journey a tribute to the merciful and loving God we all serve.Billy continued to take and intrest in me and helping me develope my faith. he continued to meet me and introduced me to Jeremy Bond. We now have our band of brothers. I know that I can count on each man to pray for me without asking. Also if I call and am in need I can be sure that all my fears or troubles can be brought to the Lord with the resolve of these two men. They have been the reason that I have made it through trials. they help me remember that God loves me and us all, and he strengthens where we need and equips us for all our obstacles. So let this little testimony be a light to us all and please everyone who reads it develope these relationships. I will say that i love each one of you as my brothers in Christ. I will be happy if just one more of these bands begins from this. I believe it is what is wanted from us. Listen to your heart and please pray and decide if you can give of yourself to glorify our God.

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