Man School starts this Wednesday at 6am

We start at 6am with coffee and biscuits.  Program starts at 6:15am.  We’ll be done by 7am and then have 10-15 minutes of small groups

I think this is going to be a good message for you this fall.  We are going to go after “passivity” and how it battles against us a men vs. a radical walk with Jesus.

The goal of Man School and the LiveUP ministry is singular in purpose – to get out of this slumber and get into a radical walk with Jesus.  Period.  That’s it.  If we fix that…awake to that…dive into that…everything else will take care of itself.

We will use the book, “No Matter the Cost” for a part of this fall’s Man School and a book will be provided to you.  We will also draw from the book “Radical” and “Not a fan”.  And we will dig into scripture to see what the Lord has to say about all this.

I strongly encourage you to come.  6am is NOT easy.  It dang sure isn’t easy on me!  No one ever said walking this walk would be easy but I am so hungry for this.  So hungry for a fully alive, dynamic, radical walk with Jesus that I am willing to get up early and go strong.  I am so hungry for a band of brothers and deep community with other men fighting with me and for me.

If you are….join us on Wednesday morning.  I do not believe you will be disappointed.

If you are planning to come, just comment below so we can get an idea of who be coming.  In Christ….Richard


One thought on “Man School starts this Wednesday at 6am

  1. Richard,
    I will not be able to attend but I truly enjoy reading your email and the words God flows from your emails. God Bless.

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