Man School – what does it mean to “Unleash”?

Attached below are the slides from this morning.  I read you the intro to Perry Noble’s book “Unleash“.  Here is a summary…

His mother in law has a red Mustang (OK, this isn’t red but it is the 2014 Mustang concept and…Wow!).  While visiting his in-laws, he borrowed the car for a few hours and drove around town running errands.  He usually drives a SUV (he’s been domesticated!) and so he had to get used to driving a car so low to the ground.  He tinkered with the mirrors and the seat.  He adjusted the radio to find a few stations he liked.  On the way back home after a few hours, the thought crossed his mind, “I wonder if this car has any power.”  So he stomped on the gas and the Mustang took off under him like a rocket.  He barely got control of it realizing, “yep, it can move“.

As he drove home he thought, “If I had known this car had that kind of power, I would have driven it a lot differently today – and I would have had a lot more fun while I was at it.”

He goes on to say, “Unfortunately, a lot of us look at our lives the way I treated that Mustang.  As human beings created in the image of God, we are overflowing with unlimited potential, fueled by His limitless power, yet we choose to cruise through life tinkering with the radio and the mirrors, never discovering who God has called us to be.  In other words, we never live a life that is truly unleashed.”

Just as he had been oblivious to the Mustang’s power for most of the day, most of us don’t even consider living a life that is unleashed.  Instead, we settle for average, routine, predictable.  But the Bible describes the life of a Christ follower as anything but boring.  God doesn’t want us to live mediocre, mundane lives.

It is completely possible to live a life beyond normal – to live with purpose rather than stumble through our days – to live a life marked by freedom and passion rather than one filled with regret and shame – to live in right relationships rather than being held hostage by unforgiveness – for the tragedies in our lives to make us stronger rather than crippling us – to finish strong rather than limping along in defeat – It is completely possible to move beyond normalcy and embrace the abundant life God has for us.  It is time to live unleashed!  (it is time to LiveUP!)

now…here are the slides…

man school no matter the cost 4


One thought on “Man School – what does it mean to “Unleash”?

  1. The Lord knows what I mean. Your preaching we can’t do this by ourselves that is true. Jesus is the Commander If we let him but….I’m done for now.

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