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Man school is this Wednesday (11/14)  at 6am at the Church.  We will be going over Chapter 11 and 12 in the book “No Matter the Cost”.  We are dealing with “Forgive us our trespasses” and specifically sexual sin.  We will not meet next week 11/21 the day before Thanksgiving.  We will resume for a few weeks after Thanksgiving.

I encourage you to come.  So many men are struggling with temptations.  Pornography is at the top of the list as are women we come into contact with in our work.  But so too are the frustrations we have with our sex life with our wife.  We all face visual temptations, TV shows with sexual content, movies with hot sex scenes, etc.  All of these things draw us away from our wives and into the lie that “it’s better over here”.

Guys, this is dangerous, dangerous stuff.  We all face it.  I’m not immune and neither are you.

So that’s the topic this week.  I hope you will be praying for what it is God is trying to say to you in this area.  Is there something you are hiding?  Is there a temptation down the hall or on a sales call that you continue to flirt with?  If you didn’t scrub your viewing history on your PC, could it stand up to a review by your wife?  What actions are you justifying that can’t be justified?

What about your heart?  Is it time to come clean, fess up and bring this stuff out of the darkness where it thrives?  Expose it to the light and you can begin the process of beating it.



One thought on “man school comment

  1. We all sin so lets expose the sin in our life and help each other deal with the sin. Pray that I wont be a jerk to my wife Stacy and that I would be a better husband and father

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