A call to men from Rob Deloach…

Hello men of CCC, I am seeking you all out today.  I want to echo our call out as leaders in this church.  Don’t shrink to the back any longer.  We are blessed with a powerful spirit of God.  He is counting on us as we are counting on him.

If each man in worship this Sunday lifts his voice and sings out to our wonderful creator, think of how much the women and children of the congregation will feel it.  As the Father up above smiles down on His children.  Lift up your voice and be heard as we praise Him.  He loves us in spite of our faults (including singing off-key!).  Step out of your comfort zone of listening to your wives sing out and others joy as they praise.  Join in this cry out, lets bring down the house like we did with the 40 man choir.  Remember the power of the Spirit that day.  I do, and I know we can be blessed with it everyday we gather together in His name.

I know this seems small but if we can begin here we can walk forward together and then with God’s strength and mercy we will tackle the next hurdle.  I truly love each man as we share this walk together.  We are not alone, we are invested together…. so sing out to the Savior this Sunday and each one to follow.  Bring the power to the worship that is led by amazing volunteers each week.  Thank you for reading this and I look forward to you men joining me.

Rob DeLoach


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