“veneer” – man school notes from today

here are the slides from today’s man school.  I referenced the new book out by Timothy Willard and Jason Locy – “Veneer”.  I haven’t read much of the book but so far it is excellent.  The intro we read this morning was a haunting look at how culture wears down a marriage and it exposes the “veneer” we put up to the world of having it all together.

He challenges the reader with this quote, “As Christians, the idea of veneer goes against our foundational beliefs – that we are broken, that we don’t have it all together and that we need Christ; He gives us our identity.”

and this… “In the veneer of celebrity, we find ourselves striving after the world’s idea of success, which elevates self.  When we buy into the veneer, we begin to live life with a focus that zooms squarely on the individual.  What I wear, what I drive and how I behave define my success.  In the elevation of such things, we see an unhealthy emphasis on the self take shape.  We feel unsatisfied unless we have influence over others.  We feel irritated unless others approve of us.  We feel discontented unless we receive recognition in our work.  Influence, approval, achievement; in the celebrity world, these are our idols.  John Calvin is often quoted as saying, “the human heart is a perpetual idol factory.”

Theologian Klaus Bockmuehl said, “An idol leads a man, by necessity, into loneliness, when what man needs is a god with whom he can have a dialogue.”

Think about that!  Our idols drive us into loneliness.  I’ve never thought of that before – but the things we make as idols – money, sex, power, the need to be accepted, the need to control, etc. – consume us – consume us to the point that we don’t have any room for others and ultimately, no room for God.  The idol becomes our god.

The more we worship our idol, think about it, nurture it, the more and more of us it consumes.

Food for thought.  Two posts in one night so I will cut this one off.

Man school next week is our last session of this incredible fall season we’ve had together as men.  We’re going to wrap it up next week and we are going to have yet another man share a bit of his testimony with you.  I heard it this morning and I was blown away.  He got on a roll.  God was speaking through this man.  None of us in our group wanted him to stop.  He was just dead-on and it was powerful.

Come next week, you won’t be disappointed.  Here are the slides from this week.  God bless…

man school no matter the cost 8


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