ManSchool & Carver Banquet

Guys – we’ve got a busy February coming and it will be here before you know it.  We have the marriage retreat (please pray about coming).  I’ve got a good marriage but I want a great one – one that will honor the Lord, one where I can learn to die to my self and serve her in a way that honors Christ.  So we’re going and looking forward to it.  I hope you will too.

The Carver banquet is Saturday February 16th.  That’s soon!  We’ve got a ton to do – planning the meal, the decorations, the awards, building our team, etc.  You’ll be getting an email from Michael Wood next week asking for volunteers to serve, host, cook, set up, clean up, etc.  It’s a fun day and very rewarding.  If you serve and are a part of this, you will be blessed.

Lastly, ManSchool is starting back in less than a month on Wednesday February 6th at 6am.  We are going to walking through John Eldredge’s book Waking the Dead.  I think it is John’s best work.  It ties in perfectly with last fall’s “No matter the cost” but it goes deeper.  If you will pray your way through this book, open your heart to the Lord and genuinely desire a deeper walk, this book will bless you.  It is a great read but it is deep.  You can blow through it like a novel and put it back on your shelf – or – you can go slow through it and soak it in and God will use it mightily.  I’ve read it 2-3 times and frankly, I am eager to “go slow” through it.

We had about 30 men consistently last fall in ManSchool.  We’d like more men this time.  This is a powerful book and our community of men is powerful.  You will be blessed if you invest the time.

Step up.  LiveUP!


2 thoughts on “ManSchool & Carver Banquet

  1. We have about 300 men in our church which means we had 10% participation last fall. I would like to challenge every man who attended last fall to pray for, and invite 2 men to join us in February.
    Stand Together, Do Not Go It Alone, LiveUp!

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