ManSchool sign up – here’s the latest

ManSchool begins on Wednesday February 6 at 6am.  We will be going through John Eldredge’s book Waking the Dead.  As of 11 am this morning, the following men have signed up…

Josh Reynolds, Rob Deloach (no book needed), Claude Scarbrough, Dee Dunford (no book needed), Jeremy Bond, Phil Staten, Jay Lewis, Leland Taylor, Bill Angles, Ray Honea, Coy Nichols, Ryan Walker, Michael Liscomb, Jeff Brewster, James Harris, Mike Lyons, Bret Crumpton, Jimmy Bone, Rustin Jessup, Jay Hoffstetter, Morris Bryant and Richard Illges.

That is 22 men.

If you don’t see your name on this list and you are planning on coming, please leave a comment below so I can order you a book.  The books are $8 and I will pay for them and ask that you give me $8 in cash.  I will order the books later this week and have them at Church the Sunday before we meet and will have them at the LiveUP booth in the lobby.

I’d like you to have the book and read the first 2 chapters before our first session.

This is going to be a great study and as Jeremy Bond testified today, God is moving through our Wednesday morning men’s ministry.  I hope you will seriously consider making this investment.

Lastly, we have about 110 men on this blog.  If you have a friend at CCC or outside our Church that you think would benefit from joining our group, please get them to sign up for the blog and register for ManSchool.

Y’all have a great week.  Make every effort to LiveUP! to bring glory to Christ.


11 Replies to “ManSchool sign up – here’s the latest”

  1. Richard I don’t need a book. Have one already. Thank you.


    Bret C. Crumpton

  2. Hello Richard,
    I’ll be attending Wed mornings, however I do have a copy of John Eldredge, “Walking the Dead”
    No need to order for me.

    Thanks brother,
    God Bless you!

  3. Richard, I have a copy of the book and look forward to attending this semester.



  4. Steve Rogers

    I will be there and will need a book.

  5. Richard,

    I will be attending and I will need a book.

    Mike George

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