ManSchool Week 3 – The Heart is Central

We had another good session this morning and two more men joined us.  If you have not had a chance to come, we want you to give it a try next week.  If you have signed up and not yet attended and now think “It is too late”, you are wrong.  Come join us.  This is really good material and the men are engaging in the process.  Rich community is being formed.  We want you to plug in.

I read this today from John Eldredge’s daily emails – “At some point, we all face the same decision – what will we do with the arrows we’ve known?  Maybe a better way to say it is, what have they tempted us to do?  However they come to us, whether through a loss we experience as abandonment or some deep violation we fell as abuse, their message is always the same: Kill your heart.  Divorce it.  Neglect it.  Run from it or indulge it with some anesthetic (our various addictions).  Think of how you’ve handled the affliction that has pierced your own heart.  How did the arrows come to you?  Where did they land?  Are they still there?  What have you done as a result?”

All of us have our wounds and arrows.  Most men have walled off their hearts usually from some long lost hurt we’ve suffered.  Do you remember your first love?  Do you remember the sting of her breaking up with you?  How about your Dad?  Is there a deep hurt there that you’ve walled off?  Has a good friend betrayed your trust?

All of these things pierce our hearts and we move to protect the heart even if that means we have to become cold, rational, mathematical creatures proceeding along without any emotions or feelings.

Christ came to liberate you and your heart.  He came that you might regain your heart and He wants to restore you.  He did not come so that you would spend the rest of your life condemned as just a “sinner saved by grace” despising your wicked, wicked heart.  No. He came to give you life and abundant life…now, in this life…today.

Here are the slides from today

Waking the Dead 3


2 thoughts on “ManSchool Week 3 – The Heart is Central

  1. I’ve been walking through a spiritual desert. ManSchool has made me realize that everything is is linked to the spiritual world we live in, which means I wasn’t just walking through a ‘spiritual’ desert, but everything in my life had become dried up. Now I am begining to feel the wellspring of life slowly bubbling up and bringing refreshment! What an amazing feeling! Thanks guys!

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