The mark of a man – Dell McGee

Dell McGee

We kind of knew this day would come.  Coach McGee is leaving Carver for a position with Auburn University’s football program.  It is a great opportunity for him and he has earned and deserves it.

He over took a program that had not had one winning season in nine years.  In his eight years, they won 88 games with 19 losses (an amazing 82% of their games), were six-time Region champions and won one State Championship.

But there is so much more to Dell McGee.  I only know a fraction.  I doubt anyone will ever know all this man has done for the kids at Carver.  And that is his heart – a quiet heart, the heart of a true servant.  He served, they advanced.

I know of kids that he personally took into his home.  I know of one kid who had no way to get his clothes cleaned and so Dell would meet the kid before school, get his clothes, wash and dry them at his own house and then return the clean clothes to the young man in a way that would embarrass him.  I know of young men with both parents in jail where Dell McGee became their parent.  One young man that had to move in with him just to be sure he could safely get through the rest of his Senior year and on to college.  I know he helped young men learn how to interview, how to look a man in the eye, how to shake hands and how to even order a steak.  Because Dell knew these young men, as they tried to get college scholarships, would be thrust into situations they were not prepared for and had no one else fighting for them.  I knew of “star” college players who fell into deep trouble and were still texting Dell for support.

This is the mark of a Godly man.  He gave so that others might live.  And no, he isn’t flawless.  He got frustrated, he got angry, he didn’t always win.  But he is a good man.  A truly good man and the ripple effect of the impact he has had on hundreds of young men cannot be measured.  Imagine how many lives he has touched.  Imagine how many wrong paths he has pulled young men off and set them on a better path – and then the impact through the years through these young men on others.

He has blessed so many and we will deeply miss him in our community.  I, for one, have been truly blessed to know Dell and I have come to love and respect him as a brother in Christ and a friend.  He can call me any day, at any time and I will do whatever I can to help him.  That is the mark of a man.

And so….what next?  What on earth will we do with our ministry to Carver?  What will change?  Nothing.  We will proceed along with a passion and heart that would serve Dell proud.  Our ministry wasn’t about Dell – it was and always will be about these young men and now, perhaps more than ever, we have a great opportunity to come alongside them as mentors, role models and friends.

The banquet for Carver is on March 23 and we need about 75 men to work it.  Now is a great time to StepUP and show these young men how much we care for them.

thanks Dell.  you truly do LiveUP!




2 thoughts on “The mark of a man – Dell McGee

  1. I wondered what would happen to the ministry when I saw the story in the news yesterday. But then I thought the same thing you did: what an great opportunity this is. I can’t wait to see what He has in store for the young men at Carver and for Dell.

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