ManSchool week 4 – the restored heart

First, here is the 3+ minute clip from Les Mis – powerful. Words have a hard time capturing what you will see in this clip. An incredible picture of salvation, restoration and a ransomed heart…

There is so much I want to write about today. I think the key takeaway was this notion of “agreements” we make about our lives and that we can re-take long-lost territory from the enemy. Jean Val Jean made agreements, i.e. “I will always be a criminal” or “No one cares”. But these agreements can be broken. God can restore your heart and break the bondage of our own making. Our God is mighty and he can reclaim territory that we long since surrendered. Freedom…He came, died and rose to give us freedom.

I will make another post with the 10 or so things John gave for strengthening your heart.

Footnote – someone asked me if men can make commentary on the blog. Absolutely! Please feel free to leave commentary where indicated below and if it is something you want me to post for everyone, just let me know. Also know this, anything you comment on comes to me first. I then approve the comment and then anyone can see it. If you want to just communicate something to me, just tell me your comment is private and I won’t add it.

Here are today’s slides…
Waking the Dead 4

Great things are happening at this ManSchool. The small groups are proving to be rich times to build community. A new man joined us today. If you haven’t been coming, you are welcome to join us Wednesday mornings at 6am. Next week, read Chapter 5 of Waking the Dead by John Eldredge.



One thought on “ManSchool week 4 – the restored heart

  1. God has a way of pounding things home…this week we talked about hearts once wicked are now GOOD for those of us that have Christ living in our hearts because GOOD and evil cannot dwell in the same place. This morning in my devotions, it talked about the heart and how the Israelites lost heart and wanted to trade their God-given freedom for slavery back in Egypt! I pray that we never give up our God-given freedom to live life FULLY and to defend and protect our land…our HEARTS!

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