2 housekeeping things

Reminder – ManSchool is tomorrow morning at 6am.  Chapter 5 of Waking the Dead.  There is some really good material in this chapter.  See you tomorrow.

#2 Carver Football Banquet is Saturday March 23rd at the Church.  We’ll have 350+ people to feed.  We need about 75 men volunteering in various capacities.  If you can’t help on Saturday, you can help Friday night with the set up.  Perhaps you can’t help at the meal on Saturday because of activities with your kids.  You can help Saturday night after the banquet with the clean up and restoration of the church to get ready for Sunday morning.

There are a lot of places for men to serve.  This is a great event for Carver and rewarding for us who give to make it happen.  With the departure of Coach McGee, now more than ever, we need to show these young men what they mean to us.

We will have a booth Sunday at Church in the lobby where you can sign up to help.

Thank you for who you are, what you stand for and for your heart that wants to LiveUP!


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