The glory hidden in your heart (ManSchool 5)


Let me start by asking you what could perhaps be a haunting question – but don’t let it be.  Let it be a glorious question.  Let it be a question that stirs your soul.  Let it be a question that gets you dreaming…

“When the story of your life is spoken of and recounted around the campfires of the Kingdom, what will they say?”

In eternity when men gather around a fire and tell the story, the tale, the myth, the legend that is your life…what will they say?

Will they say “Here is a man who awoke from a great slumber, allowed the Lord to move and free him from the prisons of his own making and radically went forward to set other men free?”  Or perhaps, “He was a man, that even though he didn’t come to “fully alive faith” until he was 63, he still came fully alive and he gave it all for the Kingdom.”  (read into this…it is never too late)

Or will they say, “He was a man who opted to remain the shadows, remain anonymous, tried hard just to stay out of trouble, keep his head down and avoid his glory.”

What will they say about your life?

You have the script right in front of you.  You can re-write history (future history) beginning right now, today.  Where you are isn’t where you’re destined to stay.  Beaten, broken, full of mistakes and regrets and addictions…perhaps.  But destined to stay there?  Really?  The God of the universe can’t restore you?  Has the enemy so beaten you down that you believe the Lord can’t rescue you?

He can and oh how He desires to.  “He came to set the captives free”.

Dream big.  God does.  Find the shackles that weigh you down and the chains that hold you in bondage and let God set you free.

You have a glory in you.  When God created the earth, the sunrise, the Bald Eagle, the waterfalls, the pristine mountain lakes and the flowers, He said it was “good”.  When He created you, He said it was “very good”.

You have a glory.  It’s OK to step into it.  Not to draw attention to yourself or to make it all about you — NO — but your glory is there and is meant to reflect His glory.

You can do so much, stretch so far, reach so high, cross mountain passes you once never dreamed of even looking at if you will believe you have a good heart and that you possess that glory and then, step into it.  Don’t be afraid.  It’s good.  It’s so good.  And there is more…so much more.

You have a role you never dreamed of having.  Will you step into it?

Attached below are the slides.  Take a look.  Pray over this.  Ask God and then listen.


Waking the Dead 5


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