Walking with God (ManSchool 6)

In my opinion, Chapter 6 is the key to this book.  John probably should have called this book “Walking with God” instead of “Waking the Dead”.  Learning to walk with God on a daily, hourly basis is vital.

Developing conversational intimacy with God.  It’s just so crucial to our development and walk.  The enemy opposes this.  Big time.  But so many of you have told me you are desperately hungry for this.  It’s yours for the taking.  God wants it.  You need it.  It is opposed.  What to do?

Dive in.  Pursue it.  Fight the temptation to keep God up on the “Sunday shelf”.

There is so much good stuff in Chapter 6.  Re-read it if you need to.

Our small group breakout was particularly good.  I hope each of you are benefiting from your group as much as I am.  This is where rich community forms and we can drop our veneer and be real.  One key thing came out of our group and that is a man’s tendency to be turned-off (repulsed?) by the notion of journaling.  I personally believe it is important where we can get our thoughts down on paper and notate where we think God is speaking to us.  This is rich material for future reference and by writing, we open our hearts.

So why do men turn away from this?  One man likened it to keeping a little girl’s diary.  Ok, I get that.  But that isn’t what journaling is.  If you are tuned off by a “journal” then go to WordPress.com and open up a private blog and blog your thoughts.  If you hear a prayer that speaks to you, make that a blog entry.  If you have a verse speak to you, make that a post.  If you have a conversation with a friend or your wife or a mentor that opens new territory for you, get that down.  You will forget these events in the busyness of life if you don’t document it.  I guarantee you.

Satan doesn’t want you doing this stuff.  He loves for you to associate this journaling (if you don’t like the word journaling, call it “documenting” or “proving” or something to get past your hesitation) concept with “girlie” things and think “I don’t have time to do that” or “I’m not good at writing”.  These lies take away what can be a key component of your walk with God.  Now, don’t get me wrong, journaling isn’t mandatory.  If you don’t want to do it, don’t but I’d encourage you to at least give it a try.

Anyway, good stuff today.  Great time of worship and prayer and good feedback.  I am so blessed all of you – this brotherhood of believers striving to walk deeply with the Lord.


Waking the Dead 6


2 thoughts on “Walking with God (ManSchool 6)

  1. Yes we need to write. However we do it we need to put words into a “touchable” “seeable” form. It’s part of “getting out” the tough things. It’s recording the great blessings.

    So to encourage you guys to read the blog: we sang of blessing God’s Holy name. If you can be the first one to find the reference to God’s name “Yah” you will win an exciting novel by Joel Rosenberg. Just email or answer this post! Robin Carr

    • Bless the LORD (YHWH, Yahweh), oh my soul! My Master, my Father!

      Manschool has been a critical turningpoint of growth and renewal in my life. I thank the ‘LORD’ for you guys!

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