Carver Banquet – details & instructions

Men –

The Carver football banquet is this Saturday the 23rd at Christ Community at 5:30pm.  To keep things short and to the point, attached below is the list of men we have signed up to serve.

Set up – Jeff Hampton is the QB.  Starts Friday night at 6pm.  Pizza will be served.  We are going to break the room down, set up tables, chairs, set each place with napkins, silverware, etc. and we will pray over the room and each table.

Grilling– Coy Nichols is the QB.  He has his team and will let you know what time he wants you there.

Kitchen – Jerome is the QB.  He will let you know when to be there.  If you don’t hear from him, call him at 706 249-7870 and ask him what time he wants you there.

Greeters – Patrick Grant is the QB.  You need to be at the church at 4pm if you can.  Dress is grey slacks or khaki pants with a white dress shirt.  Some greeters will also help serve and we want everyone in a white shirt so you’ll stand out.  Please bring an umbrella as rain is forecasted and we’ll need to help get folks to the door.

Servers – Bill Shelton is the QB.   You need to be at the church at 4pm if you can.  Dress is grey slacks or khakis with a white dress shirt.  You’ll be assigned a table and will be responsible for getting them what they need (after they go through the buffet) and clearing away their plates after they are done, refilling drinks, etc.

Clean up – Brad Wilcox is the QB.  You need to be at the church around 7:30pm.  Once the banquet is done, you’ll help clean up the room, breakdown the tables, vacuum, clear the stage and set it back up for Sunday and then reposition all the chairs for Sunday service.  This should take about 2 hours (last year it was quicker than that).

The Quarterbacks are crucial.  You are on their team and they are responsible for the “big picture” for their job.  We can’t thank them enough for stepping up into these roles.


Kitchen Server Cleanup
Jerome Harrell Bill Shelton Brad Wilcox
Ronnie Brooks Rob Deloach Rob Deloach
Chad Wells Scott Davis Scott Davis
Bill Skipworth Michael Wood Michael Wood
Syd Sayler Syd Sayler
  Oscar Morzan Dee Dunford

Dee Dunford Brian Alford
Setup Brian Alford Phil Staten
Jeff Hampton Josey Huffman Bill Gaddy
Sid Sayler Phil Staten Mark Cameron
Phil Staten Bill Gaddy Jim Shaddox
Robert Nobles Mark Cameron Joshua Davis
Don Campbell Bill Angles Leland Taylor
Leland Taylor Claude Scarbrough Bret Crumpton
Robin Carr Jim Shaddox Michael Dean
Richard Illges Richard Illges Josh Reynolds
Bret Crumpton Robin Carr Tim Trier
Jim Shaddox Joshua Davis Jimmy Bone
Josh Reynolds Michael Dean Ryan Walker
Nick Hope Dykes Blackmon Nick Hope
Gerald Hatcher  
Greeter Chris

Patrick Grant  
Rob Deloach  
Dee Dunford  
Phil Staten  
Mark Cameron

Bill Angles
Robin Carr
Joshua Davis
Jim Shaddox

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