ManSchool IS meeting this Wednesday + a book challenge

We are meeting this Wednesday at 6am covering Chapter 9 in Waking the Dead on Spiritual Warfare.  Important chapter.  See you then.

Robin Carr has issued another challenge to win a free book.  If you want to answer, leave your comment below.

The answer to last week’s challenge is HalleluYah!  Praise the LORD! which ends many Psalms. It may be hard to see Yahweh’s name in -jah or ia endings of some spellings. Halleluyah equals Prasie  Yahweh my personal intimate God and Redeemer. See Ps 68 vs 4 in KJV or NKJV.

This week’s challenge: win another book: in the first 5 chapters of the Gospel of John there are at least 5 personal encounters Jesus has with people. Name  5 people, and at what season some of the encounters occurred.


3 thoughts on “ManSchool IS meeting this Wednesday + a book challenge

  1. Warfare: “our struggle is not against flesh and blood …” compare to “Who is like unto thee, O LORD among the gods…..” Ephesians 6 and Exodus 15 There are profound and striking means of deliverance available to us in trusting and following His Words to us. How many do you see?

  2. It didn’t look like anybody replied on the book challenge. I recently have read the Book of John so I decided to answer.

    Jesus meets John the Baptist (John 1:29)- The season is not mentioned but we know it is before Passover. It was common for prophets to call to repentance leading up to Passover which we learn of in John 2.

    Jesus meets Andew, then Simon-Peter, then Philip, Nathanael.

    The Jews @ Passover (it moves around mostly in March early April)

    Nicodemus the Pharisee @ Passover (3:1) (March-April

    Woman @ the Well in Samaria after Passover (April-May)

    Royal Official on the road at 1pm (the seventh hour) before the Feast of Weeks known to us as Pentecost which is in mid May-June. (4:46)

    Paralytic Man at the time of the Feast of Weeks (Pentecost) Met him at the pool of Bethesda (5:1-15)

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