Fellowships of the heart

Do you want this?  What would your life look like if you had 3-4-5 men that were your intimate allies?  Men that knew you and knew your heart.  Men that fought for you and challenged you.  Men that were driven to have a deep walk with the Lord.  Men that understood this is a world at war and understand the importance of not being a hero – not daring to try this walk alone?

Want to know what that looks like?  Check this out…


You see the brotherhood of men.  You see the enemy.  You hear her say, “This task has been appointed to you…

“Fate has chosen him.  A fellowship will protect him.  Evil will hunt them.”  That is our life.  You can choose not to believe this or you can awaken to the reality that God has selected you.  God reached down and saved you.  He rescued you from a life of captivity and an eternity of damnation.  He freed you.  He gave IT ALL for you.

He did not do this so that you can shrink back into the shadows and lead a quiet life hoping to avoid any conflict or pain.  He rescued you for a purpose…“this task has been appointed you.”  You are needed, desperately needed, in the battle.

And you are not alone or better said, you have the choice to not do this alone.  So I asked at the start of this, “Do you want this?”  Do you want this band of brothers, this deep fellowship of the heart?  Do you?  Then you’re going to have to fight for it.  It won’t be handed to you on a silver platter.  You’re going to have to fight for other men.  You’re going to be disappointed.  They will annoy you at times and at others, they will seem to simply check out.  You’re going to have to keep going back to the well and fight.

I want this.  I need it.  Do you?

Here are the slides from today… Waking the Dead 11

One last point – Angels.  Last week we talked about Angels and their power and might.  We have them fighting for us.  They aren’t these chubby cheeked little baby Angels we tend to think of playing a harp and sitting on a fluffy cloud.  No, they are warriors.  Why else would they frequently appear to people in the Bible and immediately say, “Fear not…“?  They are awesome.

These guys are fighting for you.  Pray them down on your home – one on each corner.  Pray them down on your wife and your children.  On your business.  Hedges of protection are nice but I prefer these guys…

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One thought on “Fellowships of the heart

  1. The question I have been thinking recently is “What do you want?” Really want? I want fellowship of the heart. I’ve experienced it some occasions in the past. It is developing again now. AND I want to see men speaking out with power and passion in the church, baptized by Holy Spirit, and living fully alive.

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