Your heart is the treasure of Heaven

Next week is our last week of Spring ManSchool.  We’ll wrap up the book.  Normally, we break for the summer and start back up in the fall but we are getting this overwhelming sense that there is too much momentum to stop.  4 months is WAY too long to break from this community of men that is forming.  Something very special is happening and we want to seize on what God is trying to do.  There is so much more guys.  So much.  We can go so much deeper.  The radical walk we’ve been talking about is there and we can get there.

So next week, we will also talk about the Summer and the plans to continue on.  Press on.

Today we talked about your heart being the treasure of Heaven = that it matters to God…deeply.  He gives you this heart of flesh and says, “Take care of this, it is mighty important to Me.”  We’ve been entrusted with our hearts – the wellspring of life – and we need to protect it.  We need to fight for it.  If we ignore it or harden it, we won’t be able to hear God.  Remember, it is the wellspring of life – all life comes from it and that is what we are after.  Life.

Here are the slides.  Waking the Dead 12

I have some more posts I will get up over the next few days – thoughts that are bouncing, nudges from God, messages coming from others.  Aslan is on the move.  LiveUP!


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