Waking the Dead – Final Session

Today we wrapped up ManSchool for the Winter/Spring.  Here are the slides… Waking the Dead Final

I showed a clip from Erwin McManus talking about Joshua.  God was talking to him about fear.  We think of Joshua as being strong and courageous – he led Israel into the Promised Land.  But, in fact, he was defined by fear and doubt and a sense of weakness and insecurity (have you ever felt this way?).  Joshua writes in Joshua 1:1. “After the death of Moses the servant of the Lord the Lord spoke to Joshua, Moses’ aide…”

The man who delivered Israel out of Egypt was dead.  The man who stood face to face against Pharaoh and declared the freedom of Israel was dead.  The man who parted the Red Sea was dead and now Joshua was handed a more difficult task than Moses ever had.  He had to lead them to conquer the Holy Land.  Moses, who communed with God like no other human in history, who went to the mountain of God, was dead.

Joshua describes himself in a telling way, “Moses’ aide”.  His assistant.  This was the defining shift of his life.

So one question arises for you today — Who do you have the courage to become?

Because this was Joshua’s question.  He knew who Moses was and he knew who he was in Moses’ eyes but he did not yet know who he truly was.  God starts to tell Joshua, “Be strong and courageous.”  He speaks them over and over to be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid, be strong and courageous.  God is showing Joshua how to redefine himself.

Do you have the courage to redefine yourself?

So many of us have lost ourselves by being defined by others.  Perhaps the greatest act of courage in life is to redefine ourselves.

and not allow ourselves to be defined by others.

or not allow ourselves to be defined by our worst moments.

or not allow ourselves to be defined by our past

or not allow ourselves to be defined by our fears

or not allow ourselves to be defined by our doubts

or not allow ourselves to be defined by the least of us

But to allow ourselves to be redefined by WHO GOD IS CALLING YOU TO BECOME.

Joshua was Moses’ aide and God was calling him to be the leader of the people of Israel.  God had already redefined Joshua telling him “I will be with you the same way I was with Moses.  I will be to you as I was to him.”  But Joshua was still living in his old definition/opinion of his life.

Do you have the courage to let God redefine you?  Do you?  Do you have courage to become all God would have you be?

That’s a great way to wrap up this “Waking the Dead” book by John Eldredge.  This study has been fantastic.  God is moving.  Men are coming alive.  We’ve been talking about “fully alive” and “restoration” and “walking with God” and Living UP.  We’ve discovered how the enemy works and the power of a community of men rallying around and fighting for you.  You are now equipped.

The key question now is — what are you going to do with this?  Will you re-write your story?  Will you take back the condemnation, the agreements, the past mistakes, the words others have used to define you and will you open your heart to the Lord redefine you in His image, His path, His plan.  It’s there men.  It is yours for the taking.  Will you step UP?

An UPrising is coming  Will you be on board?  Will you draw other men into this?  There is more.  So much more.



One thought on “Waking the Dead – Final Session

  1. As we enter the summer season and desire to keep the momentum going, here is an idea: take a short phrase or verse of the Word that means something to you or that stands out in your reading and text it or voice mail it to the guys in your group. Encourage each other daily to Live UP in the Word. Meditate on what you hear from your group.

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