ManSchool this summer

walking with God
We are offering a “ManSchool Lite” this summer. Too much was happening this Spring with our men for us to stop. We felt the Lord saying, “Keep going, keep pushing” and that is exactly what we are going to do.

So, we will offer this to you starting Wednesday, May 22nd at 6:30am.

We will show a short 5-7-10 minute clip from John Eldredge’s Walking with God DVD series and then break to small groups. We really want to emphasize this summer our small group break-outs and firm those up for the fall. It is in these small groups that the veneer can drop and we can be real and share what is behind the mask.

Our feeling has been for some time that we want to go deeper in our walk. This book/DVD series is designed to do just that. Walking with God and having conversational intimacy daily with Him is the first of the 4 Streams we covered this Spring.

This DVD is all about how we hear God and how we walk with God.

We are saying this is “lite” because we won’t be teaching but rather watching a short DVD. You don’t have to read the book although I suggest you consider reading it as we go. But if you want a “lite” event where you can just come, hear message and then unpack it with your small group, this is for you. But it also won’t be “lite” — it will be deep and that’s our desire – to learn to go deep.

We will be done by 7am-7:15am depending on how long your group runs.

If you want to buy the book, you can get it from Amazon or a local bookstore (though I don’t know what their supplies are).


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