Hearing from God – reading schedule for this week

Last week we asked – “So how do we learn to hear God?”
We can’t hear Him when we are slammed busy, watching TV, under duress or living in paranoia.
We must get alone and get quiet. And ask.
That’s the key, alone, quiet … and ask. “What do you want to show me Lord?”

Start with the smaller issues – how do I handle this situation with my teenager? Should I approach my wife with this nagging issue I need to clear up? Do I need to call _____ and check up on him?

Start small and learn to listen.

It is important to know that God does not immediately speak just because I grace Him with my presence. You and I live in a world where we demand (and usually get) immediate gratification. God doesn’t work that way. The creator of the universe isn’t going to get you the immediate answer you want and that is where so many of us go astray. We want an answer in 5 minutes and not hearing one, we leap into action.

So start small and go slow. Let God speak and be ready and willing to accept either the “yes” or the “no”.

If you are reading along in the book, for this week read pages 33-76.

We’ll see you on Wednesday at 6:30am.

To God be the glory!

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