survey questions – need your feedback

Two things and I need your feedback…

First – We are going to have a Man Meeting some time in later July.  We are going to have a meal and watch the movie Undefeated.  Undefeated is a documentary about Manassas High in Memphis.  Manassas is a carbon-copy of Carver.   The team was 5-95 in 10 seasons before the new coach arrived.  It is a fantastic movie and will move you (it moved me to tears and that never happens) and inspire you to the potential of what we are doing with Carver.  There is so much more we can do and I hope you will join us for the movie.

The movie is about 90 minutes long.  So with dinner and the movie, it will be a fairly long night.  I need your feedback – would you prefer we do this on a week night or a weekend?  I am thinking 6pm and run the movie from 7-9pm.  We can do this on a week night but I want as many of our men to see this as possible and need an idea of what you’d be willing to do.

Please comment below as to your preference.


SecondQuestions.  Keith’s Summer Series and taking questions will be carried over into ManSchool this fall.  We’ll take the first 3-4 weeks of our fall program and tackle your questions.  We are already getting some i.e. “What does a single man do with his strong sex drive?”  or  “What I am to do as a man if my wife has no interest in sex?”  or  “Why am I having such a hard time stepping up to lead?”

So here is my second request — what question would you like Keith to tackle among just us men this fall at ManSchool? 


Please comment below.  Your comments come directly to me.  I will not publish them on the blog.  They will be totally confidential.  I will compile the questions for Keith and we’ll be back to you with the fall schedule.


thank you for your help.


One thought on “survey questions – need your feedback

  1. Ok Team, yes thats what we as a ministry of Christ must, be, a team… there is no “I” in team, there is not “I” in living the Gospel … Week night, weekend… whatever the team feels moves us forward! I owe it all to the One! If I can not be the disciple that Jesus calls me to be then I have given up, not Live(d)Up…

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