No ManSchool next week — give me your feedback on the movie

up-arrow.jpgWe will not meet next week for ManSchool. We will resume on Wednesday August 7 and we have 3 more weeks.

Last night we showed the movie Undefeated. We had about 40-45 men there. I want your feedback. I’ve got a laundry list of thoughts that I will share in a future post but for now, I’d like those of you that came to message me with your takeaways. Just leave a comment at the bottom.

I woke up at 3am and could not get Chavis off my mind and Coach Courtney. His pursuit of Chavis and the radical transformation just blew me away. And so did the last 5 minutes as he said goodbye to his seniors on the field after the last game – particularly the moment between the Coach and O.C. Wow.

LiveUP. That’s our theme. Our battle cry as men. I have the sticker on my back window of my truck. I have one sitting on my dash. I own about 5 of the hats. It is a constant reminder to me to live for a Higher purpose. To keep looking UP for my guidance. To continue to lift others UP. To live beyond self. To realize that in Servanthood, we best model Jesus. Die to self. Lift others UP. Serve. Give. Sweat. Bleed if need be. Give it all and then enter into Glory as a King. Ummm….no. That’s what I used to think Christianity was all about. Suffer here, be regal there. No. What we’ll find when we enter Glory is that this model of Servanthood is the model of Eternity. Jesus preached it, practiced it, lived it and modeled it for a reason. The great Service is the Ideal.

LiveUP was shown last night in that film. It was neat that the coach put together his own booster club of supporters and he called it Manrise (sounds a bit like LiveUP huh?). Interesting that his theme/goal for those young men was to be “uncommon”. The call to “uncommon” is the call to LiveUP.

There is so much more. So much more for you. Christ came to forgive. He came to save. He came to rescue and then He came to restore – to restore you to a man “fully alive”. A fully alive man is a man living UP.

I love you guys. Give me your thoughts on the movie.

Fear 50 feet up in the air. Spiritual warfare…

We will be covering pages 127-153 in the book, Walking with God. It deals with spiritual warfare and how it shows up in our lives.

We all deal with this. We all face it. However many of us miss it. We just think life stinks and we move on. We face continual doubts – “Do I really have what it takes to do this job?” and old fears show up constantly “what if my wife really doesn’t love me?”. That is warfare.

The week before we left for JH Ranch, it “dawned” on me that I really didn’t want to go. It would have been so much easier to punt and stay home. Warfare.

About 4 days into the trip, Lucy hit the wall. Fear. She had a very difficult challenge to get over on a high wire 50 feet up in the air. I was up there too. She froze. Panic set in. Tears cascaded down. She locked up. Condemnation jumped all over her – the other girls weren’t having a problem with these challenges. It was rough. We got through the challenge and climbed down the nets and the warfare was thick. I was slammed. Worn out. Exhausted. She was still crying. She hurt her back and immediately I started hearing, “That’s it, the week is toast. She’ll lock up now and won’t do anything else. Whitewater rafting is tomorrow, I bet she won’t even want to go.” As we limped back to the cabins, it was all I could do to not jump all over her in anger. I knew she was hurting physically and emotionally and a raised voice from Dad at that precise moment would have been a disaster. In fact, at a week where a Dad is trying to pour a ton of love and memories and a vision of the future into his precious daughter, incredible damage could have happened. I could have given into the warfare and turn it on her and said something harsh and THAT would have been her memory of the entire week. I’m telling you, the warfare was tangible. I could feel it, almost smell it. It lasted for an hour or so and as I prayed it began to lift. Lucy bounced back and 90 minutes later, I saw her walking across the campus laughing with her new friends. Praise the Lord!

Warfare is real. The demons don’t let up just because we are tired and need a break. No, that is when they ramp it up when we are most vulnerable. Think about it…what zebra does the lion go after? The weak one. The beaten down one. The most vulnerable one.

That’s our topic on Wednesday at 6:30am.

On the movie/dinner on the 24th, I now have about 25 men signed up. Thanks! Keep those reservations coming and go out there and LiveUP!

Undefeated Movie & Dinner – next Wednesday

Next Wednesday night July 24th at 6pm, we are having a men’s gathering. We are going to be talking about our ministry to the Carver football team and we’ll share a meal.

We will also watch the documentary “Undefeated” which chronicles Manassas High of Memphis…

I am telling you, you don’t want to miss this. This movie is stunning. You are going to dive into this story and you will appreciate the ministry to Carver in a unique way after watching this movie.

IF YOU WANT TO COME…. I NEED A RESERVATION so I can order your meal.

So far, we have 11 men that have signed up – Richard Illges, Ryan Walker, Ray Honea, Bill Gross, Eric Kennedy, Sid Sayler, Ed Curran, Robin Carr, Dykes Blackmon, Skip Perkins and Al Allnoch

11’s great. If that’s all that come, that’s God’s will and we’ll roll with it. But men, please make the effort to attend this event. You’ll get a free meal, fellowship with our community of warrior men and you’ll see a movie that will radically alter your appreciation for the Carver ministry.

If you want to come, please leave a comment in the box below. THANKS!!

ManSchool tommorow & movie/dinner on Wednesday July 24

Reminder that ManSchool resumes tomorrow morning at 6:30am.  Read pages 121-127 in Walking with God and we’ll be talking about the Grace of God.

I just returned from a week in California at JH Ranch with my daughter.  Amazing trip.  140 Dads and 140 daughters sharing an adventure and learning how to trust and walk with God.  The very first thing they told us dads was “I know you came in here with a list of things you wanted to get fixed in your daughter.  Have no expectations.  Zero.  Let them go.  Let God be God and let God parent  your daughter.  Sit back and watch and just love her all through this week.”  Let go.  Let it go.  Awesome advice and by the way it worked.  And so as we talk about the Grace of God and all these burdens we carry…let them go.  Let God be God.  Trust.

OK…we are having a Men’s gathering on Wednesday July 24th at 6pm.  We will serve dinner and show the movie “Undefeated”.  If you love football, you will love this movie.  So far, no one has signed up.  If you want to attend, please leave a comment below.  If you want to bring 2-3 guys along with you, please notate that in the comment.