ManSchool tommorow & movie/dinner on Wednesday July 24

Reminder that ManSchool resumes tomorrow morning at 6:30am.  Read pages 121-127 in Walking with God and we’ll be talking about the Grace of God.

I just returned from a week in California at JH Ranch with my daughter.  Amazing trip.  140 Dads and 140 daughters sharing an adventure and learning how to trust and walk with God.  The very first thing they told us dads was “I know you came in here with a list of things you wanted to get fixed in your daughter.  Have no expectations.  Zero.  Let them go.  Let God be God and let God parent  your daughter.  Sit back and watch and just love her all through this week.”  Let go.  Let it go.  Awesome advice and by the way it worked.  And so as we talk about the Grace of God and all these burdens we carry…let them go.  Let God be God.  Trust.

OK…we are having a Men’s gathering on Wednesday July 24th at 6pm.  We will serve dinner and show the movie “Undefeated”.  If you love football, you will love this movie.  So far, no one has signed up.  If you want to attend, please leave a comment below.  If you want to bring 2-3 guys along with you, please notate that in the comment. 



11 thoughts on “ManSchool tommorow & movie/dinner on Wednesday July 24

  1. I will be attending and will possibly be bringing the football coaches from Calvary Christian School. I will get you a number by end of week.

  2. Richard, hope this gets to you . . . 1st – YES, I am coming to the Man-movie on the 24th.
    Secondly – I am having trouble leaving a comment or replying from the Live Up site. It’s not working for me?
    I hope this reply here works,
    Billy Gross

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