No ManSchool next week — give me your feedback on the movie

up-arrow.jpgWe will not meet next week for ManSchool. We will resume on Wednesday August 7 and we have 3 more weeks.

Last night we showed the movie Undefeated. We had about 40-45 men there. I want your feedback. I’ve got a laundry list of thoughts that I will share in a future post but for now, I’d like those of you that came to message me with your takeaways. Just leave a comment at the bottom.

I woke up at 3am and could not get Chavis off my mind and Coach Courtney. His pursuit of Chavis and the radical transformation just blew me away. And so did the last 5 minutes as he said goodbye to his seniors on the field after the last game – particularly the moment between the Coach and O.C. Wow.

LiveUP. That’s our theme. Our battle cry as men. I have the sticker on my back window of my truck. I have one sitting on my dash. I own about 5 of the hats. It is a constant reminder to me to live for a Higher purpose. To keep looking UP for my guidance. To continue to lift others UP. To live beyond self. To realize that in Servanthood, we best model Jesus. Die to self. Lift others UP. Serve. Give. Sweat. Bleed if need be. Give it all and then enter into Glory as a King. Ummm….no. That’s what I used to think Christianity was all about. Suffer here, be regal there. No. What we’ll find when we enter Glory is that this model of Servanthood is the model of Eternity. Jesus preached it, practiced it, lived it and modeled it for a reason. The great Service is the Ideal.

LiveUP was shown last night in that film. It was neat that the coach put together his own booster club of supporters and he called it Manrise (sounds a bit like LiveUP huh?). Interesting that his theme/goal for those young men was to be “uncommon”. The call to “uncommon” is the call to LiveUP.

There is so much more. So much more for you. Christ came to forgive. He came to save. He came to rescue and then He came to restore – to restore you to a man “fully alive”. A fully alive man is a man living UP.

I love you guys. Give me your thoughts on the movie.


6 thoughts on “No ManSchool next week — give me your feedback on the movie

  1. The movie was great. I was also taken by the Chavis story but from a different perspective. What touched me the most was when Chavis won the Uncommon Man award, that he became unselfish and pointed thoughts back to Money calling him the Uncommon Man. What touched me most about it was that this came after Money talked about Chavis having “50 strikes” and he wasn’t going to put up with him anymore. Money says “No more chances!” but I can see God saying “NO! ALWAYS another chance! Let
    me show you that it can be done…may I present to you, Chavis!”

  2. Great film. So many touching moments. Thanks for organizing it, Richard. I’ve been looking for a ministry to get involved with outside the walls of CCC; last night I felt a strong pull toward what y’all are doing with Carver. Looking forward to exploring that more.

  3. Was the book he gave a Bible or is that really a book Uncommon Man. Loved the movie. Big Boi was on time this morning. Got to start with one. Thank you for your investment in us I love you my friend.

    Thank You, Coy Nichols

  4. I loved it!! You could not have scripted a better Hollywood fictional movie about character and manhood and yet for it to be documentary and the plot to develop as it did….truly a God thing! ….. and yes, I did shed tears as he gripped OC and told him to never look back. God purposely put a MAN in those young men’s lives and Bill was faithful enough to listen to where he was supposed to be at that moment. We men need to remember that God is calling each of us to make an impact just as Bill did. It may seem small potatoes compared to coaching those kids, but we all can make a huge impact on those around us. Can’t wait for Carver to start back up!

  5. Richard, several folks have said this, but thank you so much for your leadership with the men’s ministry. The movie was truly incredible. As you said, there were so many things to take away. God is calling all of us to LiveUP. May we all seek to be the uncommon man!

    Screened 7-24-2013 Christ Community Church
    The Coach feels a calling to move into a fatherless situation and be part of redemption.
    The context that he feels the call is Coaching, specifically football.
    He emphatically states that “football does not build character, football reveals character.”
    Where does his ability to see reality and character come from? Doesn’t remember his own father.
    Recognizes the effects of fatherlessness in the football players. Anger frustration “un-loved-ness”
    Coach is willing to sacrifice his time, and his family is willing to sacrifice. He didn’t go off on his own without them being involved.
    What is coach’s basis for “seeing things straight?” Subtlety expressed but evident faith in God; his own family as a support group, as an anchor, as something transcendently important.
    Not having a father, where did he get his concept of family? There was a Man’s presence in spirit if not in physical reality. He believes that redemption is possible whatever the situation.
    So as coach he provides the concept of “father” as real, instead of imaginary. As permanent, not a “different man every month.”
    The despair evident in the rundown neighborhood around Manassas High perpetuated the lie that character could not exist in that environment. Coach showed them that their selfish attitudes were destroying character, and that those attitudes could change.
    The more fundamental problem was (and is) the lack of fathers. Fathers who let despair rule them instead of unselfishly choosing to act courageously and with “character.” Fathers who lie to themselves with drugs, alcohol, and other dependencies, saying to themselves “I can’t do nothing about it;” lying to the mothers of their children, “Aint nothing I can do.” Lying to their children, “fathers don’t provide, will never take care of you.” Thus lies become accepted as the way things are.
    Coach was a big dose of truth. The truth set them free.

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