there is an UPrising coming…

LiveUP.  That’s our call to men.  Back from the genesis of this in 2011, here is what we said LiveUP means…

The call just seems so clear.  We are called to help men “Live UP”… 

  • UP to a higher standard
  • UP to continually pursuing our wives and battling for them.
  • UP to standing firm in our faith and fighting to defend the culture from the onslaught.
  • UP to being men of integrity – integrity with our money, our time, our work, our kids, our wives and with our sexual purity.
  • UP in our desire to fight for those less fortunate.
  • UP for standing for what is right.
  • UP in a passionate pursuit of Jesus.
  • UP even in things like getting in physical shape, pursuing bold adventures and building a community of men vs. fighting this battle all alone.

And this is what we have been trying to do.  It is a noble calling.  A grand vision.  There is a hero deep inside you just waiting to be awakened and that is why we crafted LiveUP.  We tangibly felt God calling us to this and we strive to get our men engaged.  135 people now follow this blog.  That’s maybe 1/3 of the men (members or frequent visitors) in Christ Community.  ManSchool usually has 40-50 men as we get started.  There are more men in our midst that need to be drawn into this.  Called into it.

God has already done some amazing things in this transformation we are under.  Our small group breakouts on Wednesday morning are hugely important.  Men are dealing with issues that are weighing them down.  They are breaking free of some bondage and are starting to taste this vision of LivingUP.

We have work to do.  ManSchool resumes on Wednesday September 25th at 6am.  That’s just 20 days from now.  If you want to join us, we need your registration.  Please respond to this by leaving a comment below.  If you are using the “myCCC” thing on then please click on the calendar, go to 9/25 and click on ManSchool and register to attend there.  I don’t really care how you register but I need to know if you’re coming.

UPRISING.  So now we take LiveUP and we move into the natural extension of that and we’ll be studying Erwin McManus’ book, Uprising.  I will give you a teaser on that book in another post or two but for now, you need to go ahead and secure your copy of the book.  You can buy the book on for $12.88.  I encourage you to go ahead and get it and start reading it.  (They may also have a few copies at Barnes & Noble or Lifeway but I don’t know for sure)

Let me really challenge you with five things here – forgive me if I step on some toes…

  1. 6am.  That’s tough.  It get it.  It is a heck of lot easier to sleep in.  But let me strongly encourage you to commit to this.  6am isn’t as hard as you think once you get in the habit.  I mean after all, let’s be totally honest — it really comes down to what you want.  Do you really want this?  Do you want to grow spiritually as a man.  Do you really want to make a commitment and dig into a study and see it through to completion?  No one can make me do this.  I have to want it and then I have to fight the enemy that will oppose it.
  2. Small group.  Most men stay for the small group breakouts but a lot of guys scoot at 7am when we are done.  OK, I get that too.  We’ve all got work and deadlines and commitments — but — can you commit to investing just 30 minutes more and join a small group and invest in the 4-5 guys in your group.  And…commit to coming back week after week?  The small groups is where God really moves.  It’s where we can open up and get things off our chests.  It’s where several men have already had radical breakthroughs.  And leaders, we’ll need leaders.  When we gather on the 25th, we’ll break apart into groups and I’ll need many of you to stepUP and be willing to lead your group.
  3. Get the book.  I have noticed that it is far easier for men to default to, “I thought you’d just hand me a book”.  OK, I get that too but I want to ask you to go ahead and get your own copy.  Work for it.  Don’t expect to be spoon-fed.
  4. Read the book.  We will do a chapter a week.  I really, really encourage you to actually read the book as we go.  Mark it up.  Underline key sections and the verses he references.  Write in the margins.  Make the time to read.  I know a lot of you don’t like to read.  One last time, OK, I get that too but perhaps to really grow and hear what God is trying to tell you, you might just have to be willing to invest the time to read the material.
  5. Other men.  Draw other men into this.  If you have been coming to ManSchool and are getting something out of it, bring a friend.  There are men in your community group that don’t attend.  Men you hunt with that don’t attend.  Men that sit near you every Sunday that you never see at ManSchool.  There may be a friend at work that needs to come.  Some of our most engaged attendees are guys that don’t even attend CCC but were brought into ManSchool by one of us.

So there’s the call.  Will you commit to joining us?



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