men’s events & retreat…

Keith asked me to back off of my day-to-day leading of the various projects of the men’s ministry (like Carver) and to begin to build leaders.  To call men to StepUP into roles.  He wants me then working with each of the key area’s leaders and focusing on the big picture.

Robert Nobles has taken the leadership of the Carver ministry and is going a fantastic job.  I’m still there, still helping but he’s the quarterback.  He needs to build a team of men around him willing to “own” that ministry.  There is so much more that we can be doing with Carver.  Robert can’t do it all.  I know they need help with tutoring/mentoring.  Derrick is leading FCA down there every Friday.  He may need more help with that.  We need a team that prays about, thinks about and engages in this ministry to take it to the next level.  Are you interested? 

Carver banquet – that’ll be here before we know it.  Obviously (for those of you that have been involved), it involves a very large team.  We’ll need a quarterback for the 2014 banquet in March/April.  We need a man to take this and run with it and build a team to pull this off.  We’ve got tons of workers but we need a leader.

ManSchool – we need a team of men that “run” ManSchool.  That own it.  The food.  The music.  The communications to get the word out and engage other men into our community.  Again…we need men that ManSchool really matters to steppingUP into leadership of that ministry.  We need men that will Dream Big.  I am the “leader” of this now.  We need a quarterback.  Someone to take and run with it. He needs a team so that when he is ready, another man will be there to step into his place.

Retreat – we haven’t had a retreat in almost two years.  We were going to do one this fall but have now decided to shoot for a spring retreat.  Michael Wood is the quarterback for the retreat but he definitely needs a team.  A big team.  If the retreat is something you are passionate about and feel is crucial, then StepUP.  Reach out to Michael or respond to this post with a comment.  Our last retreat was great but there is, again, so much more we can do.  We need a group of men that will pray about this, dream about this and then will work to pull it off. 

Cooperative effort with CrossPointe Church and Calvary Baptist.  Keith has been talking with the pastors of these two churches about men’s ministry.  They are putting together a unified effort to bring the men of these three churches together a couple of times a year for a men’s event.  They are planning one for later this fall.  Stay tuned.

So here’s a call men.  We need leaders.  We need teams.  We need men to StepUP.  Our men’s ministry is good but it can be great.  We need to Dream Big.  There are tons of men in our midst who have had no involvement AT ALL in any of this we are doing – none of cookouts, none of the gatherings, never come to ManSchool or been to Carver – and yet they are at church every Sunday.  They are missing out on some real blessings.  Let’s step this up a notch and take it to the next level.




2 thoughts on “men’s events & retreat…

  1. Richard let me hit my knees and ask the Boss what is His plan… my heart screams all, all of it, but that is just not possible. Or is it? Anyway, Carver is a real big go, available for a larger role, especially with the Banquet. Hand off Hydration Engineer to rising disciple. Ask the HS for guidance… my worldly self says do it all… but I am not at all able, so I want His true plan, His true direction for my service.

  2. I am IN: because I know Whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed to Him until that day. Therefore I can do what I am given the grace to do: continue with worship songs for Manschool and recruit a buddy to make the worship bigger.

    Who will join me in the prayer room these next days ahead of Manschool startup the 25th to set the stage for an Uprising? Call me: let’s choose the times and beseech to God of Angel Armies!

    Robin Carr 334-748-0085

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