what one man said about ManSchool…

We’re 10 days out from the start of ManSchool.  Do you have your copy of “Uprising” yet?  Are you in?

A man in our small group sent me this comment about what ManSchool has meant to him.  He’s been through some really, really hard times.  Our group has rallied around him.  God is moving in his life.  We can almost physically see the breakthrough coming over him.  Something radical is about to happen in his life as he seeks God.

Here is what he said…

“(I am) Participating, RISING UP, listening, engaging, benefiting, recruiting, persevering, attending, praying, attenuating, thanking…Most of all, going deeper into my purpose and personal revelations.  Sinking deeper into the sensation that a plan is designed for me and that I cannot change it.  Simply, I can only maximize and optimize my strengths that are one with God.   

Love Man School!”

What say you?



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