an uprising is coming… ManSchool next week

there is an uprising coming.  will you be onboard?  will you participate?  is God calling you to something higher?

Our theme for the men’s ministry is LiveUP.  It’s a great call, a great and constant reminder.  Now we take the next step and we rise UP into an uprising of men, passionate in our walk with Jesus.  There is so much more.  God has been setting the stage for this – with the Men’s Fraternity studies we’ve done, with John Eldredge’s Waking the Dead and this summer’s DVD series on learning to Walk with God.  Now He takes what we’ve been doing and He is moving us into an uprising.

Are you ready?  Are you willing to step out of a comfort zone and step UP into the role God has for you?  Are you ready to live life fully alive and passionate for the Lord?  Are you willing to take perhaps even radical steps to break the bondage that has trapped you?  Are you ready to be free?

This is uprising.

It is a transforming journey.  It is a passion to live.  It is the cry of freedom.  It is wide-open spaces.  It is life without limit.

Does it appeal to you?  Is this what you hunger for.  If so, join us.  About 25 men have already signed up and I suspect we’ll have about 40. If you haven’t signed up, please leave a comment below.

OK, so here’s the deal…we start this Wednesday at 6am in the Milgen Room.  We’ll have coffee and biscuits.  We’ll open with worship and prayer.  We’ll be done and into small groups by 7am.  Small groups meet for 15-20 minutes or as long as everyone can stay.  So you can completely done by 7:20 and on your way.  Don’t check out and leave before the small groups.  They are vital.  In fact, one of our groups has been meeting for breakfast the past 3-4 weeks in between sessions because they didn’t want to lose the power of what was happening in their group.

6am is NOT hard.  I used to think it was but that was before I did ManSchool.  I was on the outside looking in and saying, “I’m too busy and besides I can’t get up and going that early.”  And I had never tried!  Once I started doing ManSchool, I found it was easy.  I also found that I really LOVED being there and that is a CRUCIAL part of my week.  God really feeds me being in your company at mid-week.

Please…don’t miss the blessing that is ManSchool.  Something neat is happening in our midst.

The book — a man asked me yesterday, “Do I have to buy the book?”  The answer is “No”.  You don’t.  But I suggest you do.  If you’re not going to read, then don’t buy the book.  Save your money.  But if you will read each week (about 15 pages a week), you will get tons more out of this study.  If you want to buy it, you may be able to find it at Lifeway or Barnes & Noble.  I know you can get it on Amazon for about $13.  Erwin McManus’ book Uprising.

For this week, read chapter 1.

Let’s do this.



2 thoughts on “an uprising is coming… ManSchool next week

  1. I got the book from iTunes for $9-10.00 I believe… if you have a knook or iPad that is an option guys…. Richard I can not wait… thank you Jesus for the Men of CCC.

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