Do you want to live? An UPrising starts tomorrow morning…

We’ll have LiveUP hats for sale for $10 tomorrow morning at ManSchool.  Coffee and biscuits will be available.  We’ll worship and pray and then dive in.  6am in the Milgen Room.

Are you ready?

“This is how life is supposed to work.  It’s an adventure, a journey, a trek filled with uncertainty, excitement and risk.  One bad or painful experience can cause you to remain on the banks.  But when you do, you neither move forward nor backwards; there you sit, just watching life go by.  Yet I am convinced in all of us there is a voice crying out, a confession waiting to be declared without shame, “I want to live!”  This journey requires many confessions and declarations, but this is a good place to begin.  Sometimes this yearning has been neglected or even rejected.  The longing to be alive is drowned by lesser ambitions.  We just want to make it through the day, survive, make ends meet, go through the routine, and then exist rather than live.  If you have ceded to this lesser form of humanity, let me invite you to hear the roar inside your own soul.  You may be apprehensive at first but let the trembling turn into rumbling.  If you would dare risk it, stop right now, stand up wherever you are, and declare without shame, “I want to live!”   (Uprising page 5)

There is an UPrising starting tomorrow morning.  A revolution of the soul.


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