UPrising #2

Sorry it has taken me a while to post these slides.  There are just a few in this section.  Last week we talked about LiveUP and listened to McManus talk about the UPrising and his analogy of white water rafting.  He didn’t really pay attention what the guide was saying and just jumped in the raft.  About an hour later, he faced the wrath of the river and came to the sudden realization that paying attention was probably a good idea.  It was too late and the river took him under.  His vest – which he refused to tighten as instructed  – went up over his head.  He nearly drowned but eventually got to shore, beaten and bruised and worn out from fighting the river.

Is that how you feel life treats you sometimes?  Beaten and bruised and washed up on shore?  Many men are still there, on the shore, vowing never to get back into life out of fear of what life can do to them.  So many of us ignored the instructions from the Father and just dove right into life.  Downstream in the rapids we realize that we should have been paying attention to His instructions and now we just fight for survival or even worse, we’re just washed up on shore vowing to never get back in.

So many men are simply checked out.  They sit in our midst.  They pay their taxes.  They fulfill their duties.  They have no passion.  They hope to live a life flying under the radar.  A deep, abiding adventure in Christ escapes them.  They are missing it.  There is so much more intended for us.

It is time to shake it off and get back in the River men.  God will not punish you for your mistakes.  We all make mistakes some of them really bad.  But our God is a god of new beginnings and restoration.  He wants you fully restored.  The Glory of God is man fully alive – not man washed up on shore, safe but nowhere near the adventure.

Listen, these next two weeks at ManSchool are going to be huge.  We dive into humility and this Chapter 3 of Uprising is absolutely amazing.

Please join us on Wednesday morning at 6am

uprising 2


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