more on integrity …

Oscar Morzan sent this to me and I thought it was perfectly “integrated” with our talk on Wednesday morning…

“As I was going over my little studies, I came across the topic on False Confidence, and the causes of trusting in False Confidence, and it names, riches, worldly success, men, oneself, and ignoring God’s providence.

I paused on the word “oneself” and the false confidence of Peter and I looked at the commentary from Matthew Henry’s Concise, and surely enough, his last sentence prompted me to share it with you.

Matthew 26:31- 35
Vs. 31- 35.  Improper self- confidence, like that of Peter, is the first step to a fall.  There is a proneness in all of us to be over- confident.  But those fall soonest and foulest, who are the most confident in themselves.  Those are least safe, who think themselves most secure.  Satan is active to lead such astray; they are most off their guard: God leaves them to themselves, to humble them.”

We must remember that integrity comes out of humility.  From dirt we came, to dirt we will return.  Lord, never let me forget the dirt!  As we move out of humility and “graduate” into integrity, we must remember from where we came.  You see what Matthew Henry is pointing out is that all men face the danger of pride.  Over-confidence will take you out.

Once things start going great, you’re hitting on all cylinders, the big promotion comes and your stature grows – be careful, someone is about to drop a house on you.

Those that who think themselves the most secure are the least safe.  We are low hanging fruit for Satan’s attacks.

Oscar shares a great thought with us – an ever present reminder that man is never safe in a mode of “I am a self-made man” – problem is, that phrase starts with “I”.  Keep me humble Lord.  Keep me humble.  Let my confidence only rest in You.



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