Courage – UPrising 6

here are the slides uprising 6 courage

The journey towards having the courage to live the life God created you to live starts in humility and passes through integrity.  But humility and integrity are not titles we earn and then move beyond.  No, we are called to live a life of humility and integrity.  Out of that stance, courage will emerge to step forth into the life God designed for you.

The great characters of the Bible seem like these really courageous people God chose but in reality, they were a lot like us.  They too were trapped by fear and self-doubt.

Think of Joshua – Moses’ right hand man.  Imagine, just imagine what it would have been like to be Moses’ sidekick and understudy.  Imagine all the incredible things Joshua saw God do through Moses.  And then, imagine what it must have felt like to Joshua the day Moses died.

Up until this point, Joshua was defined by fear and doubt, by weakness and insecurity.  He describes himself as Moses’ aide.  Moses was dead and Joshua was being handed an even tougher task.  And he stepped UP.  He left his past definition of himself behind and stepped into who God was calling him to become.

So the question to you is this – “Who do you have the courage to become?”

God kept telling Joshua, “Be strong and courageous”.  For you and I this is tough.  It is so easy to allow ourselves to be defined by others.  To be defined by our past.  Defined by our worst moments.  Defined by our fears and our doubts.  To be defined by the least of us.  Perhaps the greatest act of courage is to stop this and allow ourselves to be defined by God.

We fear the dark because the voices will tell us that we are our worst moment, our greatest failure.  That we are our deepest pain.  Some of us are these things.  We’ve become them.  We’ve let them define us.  So we live in fear.

The choice is yours to erase all those things.  Stop hanging onto them.  God’s forgotten them.  You’re the one choosing to hang onto them.  These things make you less than all of what you were created to become – the one who God says are you.  You will never change…until you do.  Until you decide “enough is enough, I’m done with being who I was.  It is time to be who I can become.”  This is the moment to redefine your life.

It takes real courage to live out what God sees in you.

It takes real courage to LiveUP!


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