gratitude – manschool this week

Men, we are going to talk about living a life of gratitude on Wednesday morning.  Let me strongly encourage you to come.  I just sense this is a message we need to hear.  As I have prepared for it, I am blown away by what I’ve let myself miss.

Do you remember what it felt like when you were saved?  Do you remember the washing of your Spirit?  Do you remember the feeling of being cleansed of your sin, of being forgiven?  Do you remember the feeling of walking on air for the weeks that followed and how you KNEW beyond any doubt this was REAL?

Do you remember gratitude?

Do you remember the stunning, knee-dropping grace that was poured out on you and how just before it occurred, it was totally lost on you and then, in an instant, you knew?  You got it?  How did that happen?  How were my long-closed eyes instantly opened?  Why did God pour this out on me when I absolutely didn’t deserve it, when I never saw it coming?

That sense of gratitude is what we are going to talk about because you see, if you’ve been a believer for 5 years or 20, it is so easy to forget this.  It is so easy to just be a businessman and a father and a Christian but to have completely lost that radical transformation and the power that we experienced.  Yes, we are still Christians but we’ve lost that passion, we’ve lost the “I don’t care who knows what happened to me, I’m going to spread it and share it” willingness.

We need to reclaim gratitude.  It will radically reshape your life.


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