change for next week

I will put up the comments/slides on gratitude hopefully tonight.  As I have worked with this material, I am struck by just how critical gratitude is to our lives and faith.  It is a crucial component of the Christian walk and frankly, I’ve missed a lot of it.

The information this week was great and we had a good session but frankly, I couldn’t cover 1/2 the material.  So, we are going to stay on gratitude for next week.  Please read chapter 6 in Uprising.  Please, if you came this week and think “oh we’re doing gratitude again next week so I can miss” … you can’t.  Please don’t miss this.  If you weren’t with us, you’ve got another shot at this.  Join us next Wednesday.

Driving around yesterday, I was struck by the feeling that we needed to do another week and then last night, Don Campbell emailed me and suggested the same thing and I ran it by Bret Crumpton and he fully agreed — we need to stay right here.  It’s good stuff.  Really good and if you are struggling with feeling loved, struggling thinking “no one really loves me” or if you are struggling with bitterness, resentment or anger, you need to come and listen.  Let the Lord move on your heart.

Gladiator used to greet his troops by saying “Strength & Honor”.  I love that.

But I am beginning to believe our call to one another should be “Gratitude & Humility”.  We should always be in a mindset of gratitude and we always need to remain in a place of humility.

Gratitude & Humility brothers.


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