Sarah’s affair – gratitude part II

We entered into the second half of gratitude this morning at ManSchool.  I will put up another post (or two!) on this topic later with the slides.  For now, I want to share Sarah Markley’s story of her affair which I read this morning.

Let me encourage you to read this —  sarah markley story  — and here’s why, while you or I may never have had an affair – we are all guilty of the root cause of her affair.  She was ungrateful.  God had blessed her with a good husband, a nice home, a good job, great friends and she allowed herself to forget.  She forgot.  She was saved and had a great life and forgot what God had done for her, forgot the incredible brokenness that led her to salvation in the first place and she had grown complacent.

are you complacent?  are you taking a LOT for granted in your life?  do you “forget” what God gave for you?

I think many long-time believers are complacent.  I think we take a LOT for granted.  We are now numb to the original salvation and just how desperate we were way back then, how overwhelmed we were by grace and how excited we were to be living our lives for the Lord.  But now, we’ve drifted.  We’ve become lazy.  We think we have righteousness.  We think we are immune to risk.  We’ve let busyness or TV or the day-to-day grind take away the passion of our salvation.  And we are incredibly vulnerable as a result.

You see, I am becoming convinced that if we can possibly even  grasp this concept of gratitude, we won’t have money problems.  We won’t have sex/porn problems.  We won’t struggle with anger.  We won’t spend our life comparing it to other’s lives.  I believe gratitude is simply crucial to our walk.  Gratitude & Humility.

If we can grasp gratitude, we can find contentment.  If we can Trust, we can be content.  If we can be content/trust, we can let go of “control” and we can stop running off chasing all these other gods that ultimately destroy us.

Sarah was ungrateful and she wanted “more” and she ended up nearly destroying her life.  This is a great story.  It is long and painful but in it, you can see how God was moving, you can see the cost of her sin and you can see how her husband forgave her – because he fully understood his sin and how he must forgive her.  You see, Chad knew.  He got it.  He grasped gratitude – not for Sarah but for the Lord.  He still knew what God had done for him and because he lived a life of gratitude/grace, he could then forgive and love Sarah.

Sarah was a “taker”.  She always wanted more.  She harbored unforgiveness.  Deep roots of unforgiveness and ungratefulness had grown deep in her soul.

How about you?  How is your heart?  Are you a taker – never content, always demanding of others, always seeing others as not living up to your expectations or full of judgment?  Or, are you grateful and content?  more on this to come…

Humility & Gratitude my brothers.  LiveUP!



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