Are you a grass-eating man?

Ryan Walker shared this with me in response to the post about technology in Japan and the decay of relationships, sex and manhood in general, he makes some incredibly good points…

“Loved the post from last night.  I am not “addicted” to technology; I don’t have a tablet, my smart phone is very basic and used very little for surfing, I have a Facebook page that I look at every 3-4 months, I don’t have any other social media accounts, and my online usage is very limited (and monitored by Kelly).  That being said, I wish I could unplug even more!

After reading your post, I began to think about the concepts of unplugging from a spiritual perspective.  When we are “plugged” into all this technology, it means we are losing/stealing the power of the Holy Spirit, much like overloading a circuit breaker.  In order to receive God’s full potential for us, we need to “unplug” all these distractions.  When we do that there will be an uninterrupted flow of power from the Almighty!  We need to have a dedicated line of power, used for nothing else than our communication and relationship with Christ.  When this happens, we become the men God wants us to be; better husbands, better fathers, better providers, better leaders…better men.

We tend to use Christ’s power as a surge protector for our lives; protecting us from getting overloaded from technology.  If we would just unplug from all this technology and plug into the authentic, original power source, this world be changed.  It would be like receiving fresh water from a mountain stream; unadulterated, pure, refreshing water…


We’ve forgotten what that tastes like.  We’ve forgotten what it means to be a man.  We’ve forgotten what it feels like to be healthy…spiritually healthy.  We have turned away from our first love.  And for what?!  A tablet?!  A false sense of self-worth through social media?!

The picture of a “grass-eating man”, with his head down, shoulders drooped, with no life, no vigor, defeated is embarrassing.  What happened to the man who’s head was high, shoulders back, standing tall, filled with pride (the good kind) because he had accomplished something. His life had meaning, a sense of purpose. He was filled with power…power from the Holy Spirit!

this is what I’m talking about…


not this…the grass-eating man, defeated, lost…


Excellent work Ryan.  Way to LiveUP!

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