Last week, we discussed Wisdom from the book Uprising.  Tomorrow morning, we will conclude this study, take a week off and the new ManSchool will resume on Wednesday February 5th.

Wisdom – We need to stop destroying our life, friends and our future with stupid decisions.  Ouch.  That’s direct and not so nice.  But it is a fact.  A cold, hard reality.  Too many of us are repeating stupid decisions and wondering why our outcomes aren’t any better.  One bad decision is just that, a bad decision.  Repeated patterns of bad decisions are a choice and are, stupid.  Sow/Reap.  What goes around/Comes around.  Choices today/The Future you create.

Solomon was told by God to ask “for anything” and he chose wisdom.  He didn’t ask for money, power, prestige, position, etc. but rather wisdom.  God rewarded him for seeking wisdom above all else.

Oh Lord, that I may become wise.

Solomon cites an example of the power of great wisdom in Ecclesiastes 9 when a poor but wise man was defending a small city against a great king.  The city was saved by his wisdom.  The quiet words of the wise.  Solomon realized that wisdom was better than all the weapons of war.

Oh Lord, that we may become wise men.

How big is your vision?  When you finally see what it is God is calling you to do, finally embrace your calling, you will have an overwhelming sense of inadequacy.  Think of Moses.  He couldn’t speak without stuttering and God called him to march into Pharaoh and demand him to “Let my people go”.  With the magnitude of this calling, Moses was sure of his own smallness.  If you think you are bigger than your vision, then your vision is too small.

We need to tap into the power of one man + God.  one man + God.  Jesus showed us that one man + God could save the entire world.  If we live with a bold purpose devoted to God, we’re going to go to war and we’ll wonder, “How exactly does God expect me to do all this?” and that is precisely the point.  God wants us out of our comfort zone and boldly stepping out on faith.

And oh, money isn’t the key.  If we start something with “If God will fund this new mission with $2 million, then we’ll launch“.  No.  New missions are usually launched with a passion for the people, a passion for the need and hearts ready to serve.  Think of CCC’s mission in Phenix City.  If upfront money was the key to us doing this, it’d be years before we went.  No, we must go and Trust.  Trust that God will provide.  Trust that God will move on people’s hearts and Trust that He will provide all we need.  He wants us depending on Him, not money.

God doesn’t give us resources so we can trust Him.  He gives resources to those who Trust Him.  Provision does not come before Vision.  God looks for people who will go with nothing because He then knows if they will do that, then He can Trust them with everything.  The moment you start dreaming of how you can impact the world, God starts putting it on people’s hearts to help and come alongside.  He has unlimited resources for those who walk in courage.

So I wonder, “What are the endless resources waiting to be poured out into your life – right now – just waiting for you to step out into a world without resources?”

What is it that you are being called to do?  Your choices are informed by your character and your character shapes your future.  We are given the responsibility for the cause/input.  We don’t have power over the effect/outcome.  What kind of man to you want to be?  Do you want to be exceptional?  Do you want to radically reshape your future and align yourself with the King of Kings?  Will you surrender to His will – or – will you insist on remaining in control?

God has great plans dreamed for you.  A hero inside of you is just waiting to be awakened, just waiting to be called upon.

Will you LiveUP?     (by the way, if you have liked this post, it is along the lines of what we’ll be doing in our new ManSchool starting on February 5)   Here are the slides…

uprising 13 wisdom


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