Please Read & Respond – a call to action

We have some business to take care of and I need your response to 2 calls to service


Sunday February 2ndSuper Bowl Sunday…10 days from now…

We will get a chance to tell the ManSchool story during the church service.  Two of our men will speak for a few minutes each about what ManSchool has meant to them.  One of them will share a powerful word from his wife of what she has observed in him over the past two years from participating in ManSchool.  Both men have awesome stories to share and are great communicators.

But here is the cool part – we want all the men who have participated in ManSchool over the past two years to come up on stage as a group and stand behind our men that are speaking.  This morning about 20 men committed to do this … in both services.

So my call to you is this, if you have come to ManSchool any over the past few years, can you commit to be there that Sunday and come and stand as a group?

We think it will be a powerful effect to have a group of man standing together to visualize the “community of men” fighting for one another and standing together.  We think it will help those men considering ManSchool (which starts that Wednesday the 5th) to see all of us there.


The Carver Banquet is 6 weeks away – Saturday March 1st.  That is not a lot of time.  We need 60 men to volunteer.  So far about 10 have signed up.  We need 6-8 Greeters, 15+ Servers, 5-6 Kitchen help, 5-6 Grill help, 10-15 Friday night set up and 15-20 Saturday night clean-up and restoration of the sanctuary to Sunday form.

You can serve in more than one place i.e. Friday night set-up and serving during the meal.

I also need team captains for Servers, Set-up and Clean-up.

Will you serve?

Please respond below in the comment section to both of these questions.     PS – if you agree to the Sunday morning standing as a group call, when Keith calls us up, I need you to get up and move!  We plan on showing a movie clip as we walk up and it will be awkward for me to have to call you up once we get up there.  We also need you to stay for both services at least through our part of the second service.


9 thoughts on “Please Read & Respond – a call to action

  1. 1. I would be humbled to stand on stage for Man School Sunday… 2. I am ready to serve in any capacity for the Carver Banquet. Server, greater, prep, take down etc.

  2. I can help set up Friday evening, Feb 28—what time should I show up?

    Edward L. Curran, MD
    West Georgia Eye Care Center –
    The Region’s Multispecialty Eye Care Provider
    (706) 323-3491 ext 7644

    “Commitment to Excellence, Spirit of Service”

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