Reminder about Sunday’s service & ManSchool

We do NOT meet tomorrow morning.  ManSchool kicks off next Wednesday, February 5th.  We are going to go through Erwin McManus’ book Wide Awake.  But we are going to spend the first two weeks with his call to all of us from The Barbarian Way.  We will have a video of him speaking on the Barbarian Way and I’ll have some summary notes to give you.  It’s a great intro to Wide Awake.  It’s going to be a great Spring session of ManSchool.

Sunday morning – is our chance to tell the ManSchool story to the church.  Ryan Walker and David Burnell are going to speak to the church about what ManSchool has meant to them.  If you have been coming to ManSchool any over the past year+, I’d like you to stand with us on stage.  We’ll be standing behind Ryan and David as they speak to visually display this community of men, this band of brothers, this tribe.

Logistics – Derrick wants us at the Church at 8:20am so we can walk through how it will work.  All of us will gather in the Green Room behind the stage on the left side, go through a walk through and then be in there with the staff as they pray and prepare for the service.  8:20am…this Sunday morning!  The Church will sing the first song and then we’ll come out and do our part.  I need you to commit to this and to commit to staying for the first 10 minutes of the second service as well.  For those of you with small children, this will be a little inconvenient and you may need to bring two cars so you don’t have to bring your family so early.  Please try to park across the street at Muscogee Glass.  We will have a booth in the lobby to sign men up for the Carver Banquet and ManSchool.

If you haven’t done so already, let me know below if you will stand with us as we tell the story.


4 Replies to “Reminder about Sunday’s service & ManSchool”

  1. Richard,

    I plan on being there.



  2. I will be there @ 8:20 Sharp! Blessed to serve.

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  3. I am excited about Manschool resuming this Wednesday! Fair warning, it may be a little dangerous!

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