who we have signed up for Carver…

I have the following men signed up for Carver…

SET UP team (Friday night)Richard Illges (boss), Justin Krieg, Robin Carr, Ryan Walker, Ed Curran, Daniel Harris            (we can use a few more)

KITCHEN team –  Jerome Harrell (boss), Brandon Jones, William Hall, Andrew Cowart, Ronnie Brooks  (team is full)

GRILL teamCoy Nichols (boss), Jimmy Bone, Ryan Walker, Frank Brown, Augusto Marto  (team is full)

GREETER teamPatrick Grant (boss), Rob Deloach, James Warren, Robin Carr, Bill Angles, Bill Gaddy, Allen Allnoch, Bryan Donaldson, Phil Staten  (team is full)

note, for some of the guys that signed up to greet, I have also tagged you to serve tables

SERVER teamPhil Staten (boss), James Warren, Oscar Morzan, Michael Wood, David Shemwell, Lonny Arrington, David Burnell, Robert Nobles, Allen Allnoch, Sid Sayler, James Warren, Bill Angles, Bill Gaddy, Richard Illges

CLEAN UP teamRichard Illges (boss), Michael Wood, Bill Angles, Kenneth Lamee, Ryan Walker, William Hall, Ben Lamb, Ben’s son, Sonny Howell, Sid Sayler, anyone server that wants to stick around      (we need about 5 more men)

So we have a need for some men in some slots.  If I have you in the wrong place, please let me know.  We will probably need a few men to help run errands, be in charge of bringing coolers of ice.  I’m going to need help with decorations as well but this gives us a start.  THANK YOU for those that are on the team.  If you want to help, let me know in a comment below.

This is a great ministry to Carver and will be a blessing for us to serve.


6 thoughts on “who we have signed up for Carver…

  1. Richard, I can help with set up team but maybe a little late need to pick up janelle from practice at 6

    Serve team and clean up team

  2. Richard, Now that I know we are not leaving until next month, I can help Friday night setup, along with Sever as we discussed and cleanup at the end.

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